the wrinkled seed rests in the soil,

waits, begins to grow,

reaching up, feeling the sun.

its first soft leaves turn green

in mulch, shaded by a large redwood,

and a child watches it grow.

he has not yet fallen in love

with the world;

it still scares him.

but he is curious; his

tiny sneakers muddy

with exploration.

his daddy's cap falls down his face,

and his mommy watches him run and play,

and cautions him away from a pond.

he laughs when he falls.

years later, the young man returns


riding up on his bike with his girlfriend,

his father's old cap on his head,

a contented smile on his face.

the air around him fizzes with happiness.

the seed is now a tree, gorgeous

yellow angel's trumpets hanging down.

he and his beloved sit on the edge of the pond,


and he proposes.