There's something so great about falling in love
And something so painful about a broken heart
Yes, love is like a rare, expensive piece of art
But no one ever bothers to tell you
That that is only how love starts
Love is the devil in a beautiful disguise
Specifically made to tempt and fool the eyes
And trick the ears through clever lies
No one ever bothers to tell you how love ends
You're tricked by movies and stories of romance
About how they magically become friends
Go on, you can pretend that all that is true
You can tell yourself he really loved you
I know that that is what you want to believe
You want him to be that sweet boy you percieve
But a broken heart is nothing like that
A broken heart is when you shatter into a million pieces
And that unbearable pain never ceases
That pain never completely fades away
Because you're reminded of the memories day after day
No one bothers to tell you how much it will hurt
No one warns you that your heart will constantly ache
But love is faux, and always leads to this
And this, this is what they call heartbreak