Warning: Gang Rape

This is a sensitive topic and I can only hope I didn't offend anyone or somehow underrate this horrible act. My feelings go out to anyone who has ever been a victim.

This is a side story to Built to Subdue. It shows the circumstances leading up to Dominique and Eleanor's first meeting.

All her friends were killed, shot dead in cold blood. She was the only one left, staring up at them with a wide, fearful eyes. In the back of a dark alleyway, in the middle of an unforgiving city where she would find no help, a twelve-year-old girl stared up at a group of four cackling men, their smiles as mad as their gaze.

She backed further into the wall, backed further away from these men, barely registering the wound staining the left side of her torso dark red. Her left hand held a bloody knife in a death grip, knuckles as white as a sheet. She heaved, her vision blurring, but still clear enough to make out their slow, mocking advances. They spoke, spat in her direction, but she couldn't understand what they were saying. Words? Everything sounded like random, hollow noises under the blood rushing past her ears.

Adrenaline had kept her alive this long, lessened the pain, but for how much longer? Would she be shot? Bleed to death in front of her pursuers? She was backed into a corner, a dead end after running through so many twists and turns. One of the men made a vague gesture towards her with his gun, his maniacal grin widening as his friends let out equally maniacal laughter.

A shot went off and immediately she let out a roar, clawing downward at her flaming calf. Her body was alive but the only thing she could feel was pain from a newly formed hole. Her ears rung from the shot, one loud screech, unable to hear herself screaming, sobbing, watching the precious red life source pour from her right leg.

Suddenly, her leg was grabbed tightly, paralyzing her body into shock as she was dragged away from the corner. She tried to reach up and swipe at the man with her knife, only for a quick kick to connect with her stomach. She dropped the knife, the air escaping from her lungs. Her back landed on the grimy alley's floor and her lower body was lifted up, staring down at her with what could only be sadistic glee. He smiled and spoke, his lips pulled back to show off his rotten teeth. He licked his lips and pulled her dirt-covered skirt down her legs. He chuckled darkly, eyeing his prize before reaching for the last article of clothing.

The girl gasped when she realized his intentions. She thrashed, yelling as loud as she could, screaming for help as she tried to claw at the man, trying to kick her legs free. It was of no use; two more of the men each grabbed one of her arms to hold her in place, one of them slamming a pistol across her temple to shut her up.

She felt it enter and her body clenched at the painful intrusion. She sobbed, trying to gather any strength she could to fight them off, but she was too weak. She had lost too much bloody, slammed too many times, and now she could only cry as she felt him enter her again and again. They were laughing, hollering, hooting, and she wished she could die.

A sudden yank of her ponytail caused her to yelp, her head jerking back and bashing into the concrete ground. She slowly opened her blue eyes to find the fourth man sneering wickedly at her, gripping her brown hair in one hand and unzipping his pants with the other. She could only watch in terror as he pulled his trousers down and revealed his erect penis. He moved his hand to her mouth, trying to open it, but as soon as he got too close, she bit his fingers. Cursing, he backhanded her cheek so hard she could only see white. He pried her mouth open and steadily lowered towards her face.

A shot echoed and one of the men holding the girl's arms fell limp onto the ground, a bullet wound piercing his skull. Time stood still before another shot fired, injuring the man at the girl's head. The first rapist pulled out and turned just in time to be shot in the head and the remaining man was shot two more times while trying to reach his gun. All four were on the floor with the girl, either dead or bleeding out.

The girl wheezed, limp on the floor, unable to move as the adrenaline left her system. Her consciousness faded in and out as she stared up past the buildings around her to the starless night sky above. She felt her head being lifted, but could do nothing about it. All she could do was try focus her gaze at the green, welcoming eyes above her before everything faded to black.