It was about two or so weeks after Louis' departure, that Anne complained to Nicolette of feeling unwell.

"Will you please inform everyone that I will not be downstairs for breakfast?" She asked, peeling back the covers of her bed and climbing back in.
"I feel faint and a bit nauseous. Please apologize on my behalf, but I really am feeling unwell and just off in a strange way. I think I just need to sleep for a little while."
Nicolette consented, fretting over Anne before she left.
Pulling her silver hair into a bun she asked, "My dear, is there anything I can bring to you? I wouldn't want His Majesty coming home to a sick wife."
Anne smiled. "No," she said, then added, "And Louis should not be home for quite some time."
Nicolette smiled slyly at the Queen.
"You must be awful lonely without His Majesty, aren't you? You miss him more then you care to admit." She looked over at Anne who looked a bit uncomfortable, but she could not tell if the cause was embarrassment or her illness.
"It's alright my dear. You don't have to hide your affection for him from me. Do you not recall that I was the first person you told when The King and confessed his love for you?"
"Nicolette!" Anne exclaimed with a laugh. "I am not hiding anything from you. I miss Louis so much I hardly know what to do with myself. I want nothing more then for him to be home, safe and holding me in his arms." She paused for a moment. "Happy?" She inquired teasingly.
"Yes indeed." Nicolette smiled.

It was three days later when Anne realized that somethingwas terribly wrong.
She pressed her hands against her aching abdomen, trying to ease the pain. She knew that something must be wrong with her baby, and the realization almost broke her heart. She let the sobs rack her body when she realized that she had lost her baby. The baby that she and Louis had been so overjoyed about, planning their exciting new future all revolving around the child who was now lifeless.
A cold ache spread over her heart. She could barely think, barely breathe. All she could do was cry, unable to control her weeping. She wished that Louis was there to wrap her in his arms and comfort her in this time of suffering.
She tore her fingers through her hair, ripping out locks in the process.

"How will I ever be able to tell Louis?" She cried a loud, fresh tears falling from her eyes.
She had no idea when Louis would be home, and right now she had no one to hold her and share in her grief.

She climbed into her dark blue bedcovers and cried herself to sleep. In the morning she felt her hands wander to Louis' side of the bed, so desperate for her husbands loving embrace she almost thought she felt his shoulder under her hand. She opened her eyes and surely enough, Louis was sleeping next to her soundly. New tears formed in her eyes as she scooted closer to her beloved and wrapped her arms around him. He stirred and rolled over to face her, encircling her in his arms in the process.

"Good morning My Love." He said with a yawn. His voice was enough to bring her to tears. His dark blue eyes widened in surprise at the sight of his wife in tears.
"What is wrong? Did I do something to upset you?"
"I will tell you later." Anne said with a sob. "Please just hold me."

Louis held her tighter and she sobbed into his chest. He rubbed her back in small circles, trying to comfort her when he did not know what was wrong. Pressing his lips tenderly on her head, he then lifted her face to his and gently kissed her lips.
"Tell me what is the matter." He said as he caressed her cheek.
All she could manage to say was, "I am ever so sorry."
She buried her face for a few moments more before speaking.
"We've...We've lost our baby Louis. I am so sorry, I don't know how it happened. Our baby." She sobbed, the cold white pain spreading all across her body. She let the sobs shake her so violently that Louis had to hold her tighter to keep her from falling off of the bed.
"Shh, shh. My Darling, do not weep. Our child is safe in the arms of The Lord." He stroked her soft blond hair comfortingly, in a way she remembered her mother doing when she was but a small child.

A long time later, when she finally stopped crying, she asked Louis how he had been able to come home so early.
"I finished business up early and told the men I wanted to return home swiftly."
Anne silently thanked God for bringing Louis home at exactly the right time. She didn't know how she would have handled this without him. Last night had been the worst in her entire life. Having her husband there eased the pain a bit.

They spent the entire day lying in bed. They talked of what would happen now, both of them playing the role of comforter and comforted.

Servants brought them in food and came back to retrieve the soiled dishes, but other then those slight disturbances, Louis and Anne spent the day alone.

"I do not want to think that I am no longer pregnant. That we are no longer..." A sob caught in her throat, "Expecting parents." She took a deep breath and continued. "I had such high hopes. Goals, plans and ideas for our child."
Louis looked into the tear-clouded blue eyes of his Darling.
"We must have our time of lamentation and mourning for this child, but I refuse to believe that we will never be parents. This is a horrible event and we must only pray that it will never happen again."
He was trying to seem strong and brave for Anne, but he knew the ache she must be feeling in her heart. He tenderly rested his head upon hers and they fell asleep in each other's arms.