Paste your docIn the small town of surprise, lived a little girl named Cara. She was eight and loved little fairy's. When she went to bed, she would dream of them. One day she got up really early, just as the sun was coming up above the roof of her house. She would dance around in the driveway as if she were a little fairy.

That very morning, her friend stepped outside of her house to see Cara dancing in the driveway. Cara's friend Hanna yelled over to her, " Cara what are you doing? Cara said to her I am dancing like a fairy.

Hanna told her that she did not have to pretend to be a fairy, all she had to do was go for a hike in the woods that were across the street. Cara said what's in the woods? Hanna told her there was a magical old tree stump in the middle of the woods, and that she had to go and hike there before twelve o clock in the afternoon.

Cara asked Hanna why she had to be there before noon. Hanna said that if you get there after noon the magic fairy in the stump would not show up, and the hike would be for nothing. Cara asked Hanna what happens when you get there before noon? Hanna told her that she would be able to make her a fairy just like she had always dreamed of.

Cara asked Hanna, can you show me the way to the magic stump? Hanna told her that she had never been there, but was willing to go with her to try and find the place where the magic stump was at.

So they both had a plan, that in the morning they would both get up early and start hiking into the woods and try to find the magic stump. So they both went home and spent the rest of the day planning and figuring out what they would have to bring so that they would have a safe trip. That night when Cara went to bed, she laid her head on her pillow and started thinking about what it would be like to be a fairy, if she was able to find the magic stump with her friend in the morning.

The next morning both Cara and Hanna got up real early, just before the sun came up over thier roof tops, but late enough that they were still able to see without getting lost in the woods. After they both checked their back packs, they started off across the street and into the woods.

After Cara and Hanna got a little ways into the woods, Cara told Hanna she was'nt sure if it was a good idea to go. She was scared of what they might run into. Hanna reasured Cara that she had never heard of anything happening in the woods to anybody, but that they would be very careful along the way.

As the hike through the woods continued, they were singing "TO THE STUMP WE WILL GO , TO THE STUMP WE WILL GO HI HO THE MERRYO TO THE STUMP WE WILL GO ". After walking for awhile, they started to get hungry. So Cara and Hanna sat down on a nearby tree log and pulled off thier back backs to eat some of the food that they brought along. As they ate thier food they heard a noise coming from the forest not that far away from where they were sitting.

Cara decided to go see what the noise was. As Cara was walking toward where they had heard the noise, Hanna looked on nervously wondering what Cara might find. Cara stopped suddenly and told Hanna to come over where she was and to be very quiet. As Hanna went over to Cara, Cara pointed down to the spot they had heard the noise.

Hanna looked where Cara was pointing and saw a little baby deer. It was eating leaves and grass, and did not seem to mind that Cara and Hanna were watching. So Cara and Hanna went back to where they had been eating thier snack and ate some tuna sandwiches they brought for the trip to the magic log.

After they were done eating they started on with the hike to magic stump. They were wondering if they would ever make it, beacuse it was about eleven o clock and they still had not seen anything that might even look close to what they were looking for.

As they were topping the hill, they saw it, THE MAGIC STUMP! It had to be at least twenty feet wide by three feet tall, it was the most amazing sight they had ever seen. As they got to the bottom of the hill where the stump was, they put their back packs down and walked over to where the stump was.

Cara and Hanna jumped onto the stump and sat down, wondering if there was really a stump fairy. While they were waiting for the fairy they started to sing a new song. "THE STUMP WE HAVE FOUND, THE STUMP WE HAVE FOUND HI HO THE MERRYO THE STUMP WE HAVE FOUND" Shortly after singing the song for awhile, the stump started moving, and vibrating. So Cara and Hanna jumped off and ran over to the bottom of the hill where they had put their back packs.

As they got to the bottom of the hill they saw a wonderous sight. It was an old fairy. The fairy looked very old and looked like a boy fairy. So Cara and Hanna slowly walked over to the stump where the Fairy was floating. The old fairy told them to stop but not to be scared, for he was not going to hurt them.

They asked him if they could come closer. He said yes but you must not touch the stump while he was out of it. They agreed and walked over to where the old fairy was floating and stopped. The old fairy asked them both why they had come to the magic stump. They both said that they had always dreamed of being fairies, and were told that you were the one to come to to make it happen.

The old fairy told them that they had to make sure that they really wanted to be fairies, because once they were made fairies they would never be little girls again and that they would have to live in the forest.

Cara and Hanna never realized how much they would have to give up just to become fairies, and had to think about it for awhile. The old fairy said to take their time, because it was a very big decision. After thinking and talking about it for awhile, they went back to the old fairy.

Sir, we have decided to not become fairies because they would have to give up everything including being with their mom and dad. So the old fairy said, you have made a very wise choice. For if you were to say you wanted to be fairies, it would have told me that you were selfish and not worthy of being a fairy.

The old fairy told them that since they were honest about the way they would have hurt other people, that he would give them one wish. Cara and Hanna couldnt believe their ears. They were going to get one wish.

So Cara and Hanna both decided that the one wish they both really wanted was to be able to fly for one whole day. So the old fairy said it was done and that it was time for them to go home before their parents got worried about them, because it was going to take a little while to get back home. He told them that their wish wold be granted the very next day after they woke up the next morning.

So Cara and Hanna started on their way back home. After they got back home, they both ran into their homes and were able to get back home just in time for supper. Cara's mom and dad asked Cara how her day was. Cara said it was one of the best days of her life. Hanna and I went on an adventure together and found what they were looking for.

Cara's mom asked what were you and Hanna looking for. Cara did not know how to tell her mom, so she said a baby deer. Thats nice dear, after supper be sure that you take a bath and get ready for bed.

Cara said OK and went to her bedroom to get her jammies and went into the bathroom and started her bath. After her bath she got dressed for bed. After saying her payers she got into bed and fell asleep real fast because she had a very busy day.

The next morning Cara and Hanna got up early and went outside. They both were nervous about what the old fairy had told them, but since he said it was for being honest and not selfish it would probably be OK. So both Cara and Hanna jumped really high into the air and to their amazement they never went back down. They were so happy they could fly like fairies that they zoomed up and down and all around their houses. after a full day of flying, they landed at their houses and laughed and danced with each other. Before they went inside, they looked at each other, and Cara said, I had the best day ever, Hanna said, me me too. They both smiled and went inside.


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