Paste your document hereThere was a family that decided to go on a picnic. The mom, dad, and two kids named David and Cindy. They loved going on picnics, it's what they did when thier dad was not at work and was able to get the time off. So they got all the food ready and put it in the basket and then got the picnic blanket, and lemonade. There was a perfect spot that they always went to because it had a big oak tree with lots of shade. After the family got to the spot where they were going to have the picnic, they set up everything so they could eat and start enjoying the day together. While they were almost finished laying all the food out and were about to start eating, they all saw this beautiful horse running through the tall grass in the meadow. They had never seen a horse there before, so they were astonished to see it. The horse was running up and down the hills through the tall grassy field. They were so caught up in the sight of the horse that they didn't even notice the big ant hill next to the place where they were having the picnic.

Down on the ground by the blanket were a line of ants marching across the blanket and picking up the food to carry it back to the hill. They started with the fruit and the they all picked up the grapes and started towards the hill. As the last ant was carying the last grape, the family stopped looking at the horse and was going to start eating thier food. They looked down to see that the grapes were gone and that there was an ant hill next to the blanket. David looked over at the ant hill and saw the last ant carrying the last grape. The last ant saw that the peole saw him and started running as fast as his six legs would carry him. He ran up the side of the hill and jumped up into the air and swoosh, down the hole he went.

Down in the hole were long tunnels that went everywhere. The ants went down the longest tunnel all carrying grapes in a single line. When they got to the end of the tunnel, there was a hole going up. So the ants went up to the top of the hill and came out the top, which was another ant hill that was in the middle of the grassy field. The horse that was running back and forth was standing at the hill waiting for the food the ants had taken from the picinic. The ants piled all the grapes into a pile and the horse started eating all the grapes.

Later on in the afternoon, Cindy saw the horse again. He was running back and forth and back and forth through the grassy field just like before. The family started watching the horse again because it was still the kind of thing you don't see where they were having the picnic. Once again the ants marched across the blanket and picked up the sandwiches and started carrying them back to the hill. The mom saw it this time just as the last ant was carrying the last sandwich to the ant hill. The last ant saw that the family was watching him so again he ran as fast as his six legs would carry him. David went to stop the ant and the ant jumped up into the air and swoosh, down the ant hill he went.

When the last ant got into the hill, the ants went down the long tunnel until they reached the other ant hill in the middle of the field. The ants placed the sandwiches outside the hill where the horse had been waiting. The horse ate the sandwiches and ran off. At that time the family had gone back to eat thier meal. The horse showed up again, running up and down the grassy field where the family could see him.

This time the dad got up to see what was going on with that mysterious horse. The kids and the mom were looking at the horse, like the dad was doing, because they too wanted to know why the horse was coming back running back and forth. As they were looking trying to figure it out, the ants were marching across the blanket, except this time they had to work together because they were trying to carry off a whole pumpkin pie. The dad was unable to figure out what was going on and returned to the picninc blanket under the big oak tree. This time the the dad was the one who saw the ants trying to carry off the pie. As the ants were struggling to carry the pie into the hill, the dad and David went over to the hill and picked up the pie.

When they picked up the pie there were several ants hanging from the bottom of the pie tin, kicking and screaming, we should have not told that horse that we would get him desert.