Debbies first day of school

It was two weeks before school started, and I didn't want the summer to end. I thought to myself what a beautiful day, I should be doing something and not sitting around the house. So I went outside and decided to ride my bike. As I was riding my bike I ran into my best friend Judy.

She was walking her dog, Muffy. I asked her if she wanted to do something, she said she had to finish walking Muffy but she would love to play later. I said good bye and continued riding.

After riding for awhile I went home to see what was going on there. As I entered the front door, My mom was making a list. I asked her what the list was for. She told me, I am making a list of school supplies that you are going to need before school starts. Inside I didn't want to hear that school was that close to starting.

I said ok and went into my bedroom. After a few minutes went by, I heard the door bell ring. It was my friend Judy. Hey Judy whats up. you asked if I wanted to play so here I am. Ok, what do you want to do? I asked. She said she would love to walk to the park and see who was playing there.

So we went over to the playground and saw two of our other friends swinging on the monkey bars. They were Johnny and Mark. Johnny seemed to like the monkey bars, I think it was because he was part monkey. Mark was sitting on the top of the monkey bars, we said whats up? Nothing Johnny replied. Well you do know that there are only two weeks before we start the third grade? Yeah, Mark said, that is why we are trying to enjoy the summer, or what was left of it anyway.

You wanna do something together I said? Mark said no! we don't like to play with dolls.

I didn'd say anything about playing with dolls, well what else do girls do?

Well we like to play just about anything, dufuss, thats what I call him when he says something stupid, which is a lot.

Well let me tell you something Debbie, boys have always played the good games, and girls always play dolls, besides what else are you good at? I can do monkey bars better than you. Johnny still hanging from the bars yelled out, okay lets have a contest.

What kind of contest you talking about I said. Mark said we should run from one end of the playground and swing across the monkey bars the fastest. Okay, I said but if we win you have to come over and play dolls with us.

They agreed. so Judy, Mark, Johnny, and myself lined up at the farthest spot of the playground and stooped down on our hands and toes. I counted down. 3,2,1 GO!

Judy and me ran ahead of the boys, but just as Judy and I got to the monkeys bars, Johnny and Mark flew past and swung across before us. We won! We won! Mark yelled.

So what ! I yelled, we didn't want to play dolls with you anyway. so Judy and me left the playground and walked to her house. Later that day I had to go home, because it was time for supper, and besides I was tired after the race.

It was the day before school, and I had to go to the store with my mom to buy all the supplies from the list she had made. My dad didn't go with us because he doesn't like shopping, besides he always leaves us and looks at tools. I never understood why, but it must be a dad thing. I said goodbye to my dad and left out the door to get into the car.

When we got to the store, there was thousands of cars. It must have taken my mom at least two hours before she found a parking spot, at least it seemed that long. We walked into the store and I saw a sea of people running around all over the place, they must have been there for school supplies too.

My mom and I went over to the school supply area of the store, and picked up everything on her list. I think she got everything they had, I thought to myself, how am I going to carry all those things to school. But my mom surprised me when she took me over to the back pack area, and told me to pick one out.

Of course I had to get my favorite person, Tinker bell. She could fly and help other peole to fly. I picked it out and my mom put it in the cart. We were finally finished and went home. I walked through the front door and said hi to my dad, who was fixing something. Later on we had supper. I couln't believe it, tomorrow was school, it was kinda of scary, because I didn't know what to expect.

I went and took a bath and got ready for bed. I put on my favorite pj's, Tinker Bell. The next day I woke up and put on my new school clothes. I ate my breakfeast, and when I got done it was almost time to catch the bus for school. I told my mom and dad I loved them and went to the bus stop. When I got there I saw my best bud Judy. Hey Judy I said, ready for another year of school. She said yes but that she was kinda scared.

Thats okay me too I said. Just then the bus showed up and we had to get on. I climbed onto the bus and looked for a seat. Mark and Johnny were already on the bus and sitting in the same seat. I found a seat and Judy and I sat together. On the way to school, I told Judy I hope the teacher is better than our last teacher Mrs. Beaker. Mrs, Beaker always had a tissue on her face and snorted all the time.

We finally got to school, and went inside. I looked around and saw kids running here and there. All the teachers were lined up in hall and giving us all name tags. My name is Debbie I said in a loud voice. The teacher wrote down my name and stuck it to my shirt.

I'll be your new teacher, and I hope you have a good year learning. She was very nice and she was nothing like my old teacher. There were no tissues stuck to her face. and she didn't snort. I heard the bell ring and we all had to go to our new classrooms. I went to my classroom and saw my friend Judy. Where are you sitting I asked, She said over by the window. So I went with her to get a seat next to her.

After sitting down, Mrs. Randall told us we would be taking a tour of the play ground. So Mrs. Randall told all of us to get up and stand in a straight line up against the wall. We all walked out of the building and out to the play ground. She told us that we could play for half an hour. So all you could see is kids running over to the play equipment.

Mark and Johnny ran as fast as they could to the monkey bars, wich was not a surprise, since thats all they did all summer long. It seemed short, but the teacher blew her whistle and told us to line up again. We went back in and started our first class of the day.

After a few classess, it was time for lunch. I brought a lunch and Judy brought her lunch too. I asked what kind of lunch she had. I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, how about you? I told her all I have is a balogna sandwhich and an apple. After a little bit the bell rang again and we had to go back to our class room.

when we got there, Mrs. Randall told us to take out our note pads and a pencil. She told the class that we had to write about our summer vacation and what we liked most about it. She told us to bring it back with us tomorrow and she would read them to the class.

I looked up and saw the clock, it was almost time to go home. My feet were jiggling with excitement cause the first day of school was almost over. The bell rang and it was time to go home. I thought to myself, well at least the first day of school was over, and I was a third grader. When I got home, my mom was sitting at the table drinking coffee. How was your day Debbie? she asked, It was good I have a really good teacher Mrs. Randall. You know what ? I think I am going to like third grade.

the end

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