Once Upon a Time is a personal poem about something that happened to me in my 8th grade year. A happy present born from a rocky past that leads to my unknown future. Thanks for everyone, friend or stranger, for any smile or kind word that you've ever said to me. You guys are the best!

Your's for Eternity,


Once Upon a Time:

Breaking down
I begin to drown
The images wash over me
I do not wish to see
He is standing before me, eyes black
I wish I could take it all back
My shirt tears and my eyes tear
I am showing him my fear
My face pressed to the wall
I start to bawl
His hands grips my pants
He yells and rants
He strikes me upon my back
The air chills me and I realize what I lack
Ankles hold cloth
My screams only angering him more
I will never walk out the door
Leaving him for somewhere new
Another one of his fists flew
Something hot and disgusting touching me
Why won't he let me be?!
I scream and scream
And see something gleam
His eyes dark and furious
Turn a situation into something disaterous
It presses harder
But suddenly it is pulled away
I am frozen in place
I don't want to turn and face
The evil who has tormented me
A friendly face is the one I see
He is angry and holding the monster at bay
The monster lashes out burning with more things to say
My savior hits him
And I pass out
No more energy to keep more about.
I cry and cry on this day
It is the day of the slay
The day of my freedom
But my mind is a chaotic kingdom
I blame myself ever after all this time
The guilt piercing my ears like a loud chime
The death is on me
And now I cry and cry
My eyes never seeming to dry