Robin was just going to get out of the club room before stopping urgently when she heard a large crash in the club door.

"Mele is that you?" Robin asked, turning around to total darkness "Mele..."

Robin gasped when she saw a girl wearing the senior uniform as well, but it didn't look like Mele at all to her.

The girl gave a very wide smile as she walked towards her, the light showing on the delicate face. "It's very nice to meet you…" she said "Robin."

Robin was purely scared, she didn't know this person let alone seen someone like her before.

"My name is Liz, and you're…" her lips continued to move, but Robin couldn't understand what she said after that but she didn't know why

Liz's mouth curved upwards and formed a menacing smile, her bright white teeth showing. It looked more like she was faking it, but that was because her eyes were madly twitching, they were red; bloodshot.

She had lost control of her legs and took several steps backwards and slipped onto the cold tile floor, her concentration still focused on Liz. Liz gave a gurgling laugh, and looked at her directly.

"You were just simply in the way," she said sweetly as if she wasn't scaring the other girl "I have to get rid of you to reach my objective."

Liz's eyes soon flickered as she looked down and looked back at Robin. Her eyes seemed like they were different now. Instead of the person of could rip you up with an evil laughter like before, her eyes were cold, empty; No emotion.

"Now goodbye." She said slowly, venom spewing in the seconds she said it. She went into her shirt and took out a simple combat knife.

"It's about time for you to go to sleep," she sneered "Good… night."

Robin saw red as she looked down on her chest. Blood covered her chest as the material of her uniform was taking in the iron liquid. She wanted to take a breath and started hyperventilating, and then she paused for a second and started coughing out blood. Her eyes bulging out in fear of seeing of how much blood her body was getting rid of, she had never bleed or even seen this much with her own eyes.

Liz smiled and placed a red rose in front of her, and her eyes looked directly into Robin's.

Robin gazed into her eyes for a second and had tears coming out of her eyes, she didn't want to leave yet, she had so much to do.

Robin's tears vision started to turn black, but before her entire vision left her for good, she thought she heard Liz begin to cry.
" Well it turned out to be like this, huh?" Robin thought for a second before her vision blacked out.

Liz saw the once crying girl go limp and lifeless. Her vision was covered with her own tears; she asked herself why she was crying. She didn't even know the answer herself.

She got hold of the lifeless body and closed the girl's eyelids in her now eternal sleep. "This one needs a proper burial." She muttered to herself and lifted the body and walked out the door quietly.