A/n: This is a reply to the poem River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter

The river's flowing slowly like it did in the past

When we could still be happy and glad

When we could still play and laugh

When we could still brighten each other's faces with just a smile

But now, my dear, the bright days are gone.

The sun has stopped shining and the dark clouds have come.

I look above me and see nothing but black,

Not being able to find a single ray of sunshine.

Still, I wait for you and the birds sing nothing but the blues.

And it does nothing but sadden me,

But I know that it will sadden you even more.

Leaves turn orange, some brown.

There is not one day I think of you.

Spring passes by as quickly as summer,

Winter lingering just a bit longer.

And still I think of you.

Would you be waiting for my return,

Lilies in hand and a smile on your face?

Or would you be picking yellow tulips with a substitute

Bringing with you all your subtlety and grace?

The wind smells like you, and so do the trees.

The night noises sound like your footsteps.

Everywhere I turn, I see your peaceful face.

I wonder, would you still look the same?

When I left, I left something other than my love.

Even the flowers would shake their heads.

The migrating birds seem to mock me as they pass

For I can never go back.