Author's Note:

Hi all! This is my very first story on FictionPress, so I really appreciate you stopping by! This story was originally a fanfiction, but it was really meant to be an original fiction. I didn't know until now that this site existed, and I'm so happy I found out! Yay! I've been getting discouraged due to the lack of response from the FanFiction site. I have a few theories as to why: 1) This story is very slow paced, 2) the writing style is kinda 'ye olde English' (which is very hard to write in! I. Regret. Everything.), 3) the characters were more my own than the fiction it was based on.

Thus, the large demographic of teenagers wanting to read about anime characters in high school having borderline sex did not want to read my story. Which made me sad.

OR, 4) my story sucks all balls.

SO. Here I am, and here is my story. Enjoy.


Reader, you are about to be introduced to a world you have not yet heard of. This world is not of the supernatural, nor is it in any other dimension. Time is so far ahead from when you are reading at the present that you might consider this to be science fiction.

In this world Earth is no more. Man's futile and ignorant efforts made the planet uninhabitable. Simultaneously, overpopulation forced man to seek residence elsewhere. They were successful. Humans underwent evolutionary changes and have now adapted to different atmospheres. Technology, as well, aids their survival. For a while technology progressed at an exponential rate. Flying cars and cancerous ailments are but things of the past. Now, the races that you are aware of are non-existent. Languages that you speak are no longer spoken. In this aspect, this world is your enigma, your future.

However, society underwent regression. New races made new nations, who soon acted out on their belief of their own superiority amongst each other. World wars, the conquering of planets, and slavery resulted from man's bigotry. There is a great divide between the rich and the poor. While the rich possess planets and travel by spaceships, the poor barely possess rights. The only values left are money and power. In this aspect, this world is your familiar, your primitive past.