Stay One Day

Written by:Darcy Burleson

The house was empty when I shut the lights off for the night. I had double checked the locks on all the doors and windows, making sure they were all set. The security system was ready and armed, but I guess it wasn't enough. It was near three A.M, not much happening at that particular time. I was asleep in my bed on the second floor and my sun blond hair lay in waves across the pillow beneath my head. The dark purple coverlet up to my waist showed my torso covered with a white and black tank top as I lay on my left side. The shadows were usually welcomed in my home, but they accompanied the intruder that night.

I was awakened to a window crashing open, causing me to sit right up in bed and my green eyes widen. I could hear the falling footsteps as they hit the hardwood floors of my home. They were travelling slowly around the first floor, allowing me to arm myself with my silver bersa pistol and my training Sais that my trainer sent to me from Japan earlier this year. Quickly getting out of bed and putting on some ballet flats, I tied my hair up and dashed from my room. I slowed my steps and crept down the stairs, the shadows now my disguise.

The sound of things breaking in the drawing room made me cringe, but I still crept further onto the first floor. My right foot fell to the floor first, my movements silent and meaningful. More sounds of glass meeting the hardwood grew louder as I neared, but I froze when I saw a figure about 6' tall and wearing an outfit of full black. This was a male judging by the posture and movements he made. I was 5'4", making him a good six inches taller than me. I wasn't scared, though. I was trained to take on men more than twice my size.

I made my way behind him and unsheathed my Sais, fixing to stab him in the back. But, he turned quickly, meeting my Sais with a matching set of his own. The sound of the Sais clashing was a welcoming noise with which I was familiar. His eyes, a deep brown color, locked with mine in a fit of anger and strength. I pushed against his Sais with my own, his back crashing into the glass cabinet he had been breaking into. I jumped back to avoid getting slashed and knew that this was just a start for us.

He lunged at me, our Sais clashing and blocking from each other's attacks. Our fight had us moving from room to room, tripping and using furniture and walls as shields. We reached the front hallway and the stairs gave me a nice advantage. I kicked him away before doing a simple back flip and landing on the railing in a defensive position. He got back up, ready to attack and harm me. I did a front flip, and in mid-air, our Sais clashing as I landed on both feet.

I decided to speak. "Who are you?" I asked in a harsh tone. My eyes glared into his, some strands of my hair hanging by my eyes.

He spied the strands and whispered in a deep voice, "Such pretty golden hair; 'Tis a shame its owner is about to lose it."

He reached for my ponytail, but I twisted my Sais to knock his out of his hands. I grabbed his wrist and twisted it backward before kicking his legs from under him. He landed on his back and I knelt on his chest, my bersa now in my hand pointed at his face.

"Game over…" I breathed out, my chest heaving.

"You have done well… Claudia-chan," his deep voice said. It was now familiar to me.

"Sensei?" I asked, confused at this state of events.

I quickly helped him up and sheathed my weapons, watching him take his mask off to reveal his shaggy black hair, pale skin and almond shaped brown eyes. A proud smile was painted on his face and I bowed respectfully to him. "Kenta-Sensei… this is a surprise," I whispered.

"I thought it would be best to test just how well you can handle yourself in battle. Acting as a burglar, I thought to overpower you in your own home. You have clearly been practicing and going through what you would do to someone who threatened you. I taught you well, Claudia-chan," he explained, touching my shoulder.

I nodded. "I wouldn't want to let you down, Sensei," I smiled. "Are you staying somewhere?"

He shook his head. "I only planned to stay to test you and return to Japan. My sister needs my help to run the dojo."

"Stay the night, up in the guest room. You can help me clean up the mess you made," I suggested. "Don't want you running around all hours of the night."

"What of your work? I know you leave early for it." He asked.

"I have my day off tomorrow. Besides, I haven't seen you in a few months. I want to spend time with you." I took his hand in mine.

He looked into my eyes and sighed. "Guess I could stick around for another day or so." A bright smile graced his lips.

I smiled back and led him up to the guest room, which was really his room whenever I knew he would stay with me. It was a replica of his room back in Japan, making him smile brighter. "I shall see you in a few hours, Claudia." He kissed my forehead.

I nodded and closed the door to his room, my back against it. I stood there for a moment before returning to my room and setting my weapons back in my desk, letting my hair back down and climbing back into bed. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but didn't completely fall asleep until I heard my door open and Kenta-Sensei climbed into bed beside me. He wrapped his arms around me, kissing my cheek and holding me close.

"I've missed you, Claudia…" he whispered in my ear.

"I've been wondering how it's possible for you to love me." I said. "A sensei does not usually engage in a relationship with their student."

"You're special." He sighed. "You were broken and in need of someone to stand by you. Add that to the fact you are beautiful and compassionate toward others, I have the up most respect for you."

I sighed and turned to snuggle into his chest. "You do realize I need new furniture and a new window, right?" I asked in a playful tone.

"I'll pay for anything you pick out." He chuckled.

I smiled and laid my head on his chest, falling into a deep, relaxing sleep.