Get in the Car

"Get in the car," he growls. Mutely, I shake my head, looking frantically for an escape route. I take a deep breath and start to sprint. With a sinking heart, I feel large hands wrap around me...

"Why did I ever have kids?" Daddy mutters as he buckles me in.


"I'm glad you chose to meet me here. Tonight, we duel for the heart of our beloved Gertrude."

"Did we really have to meet in a graveyard?"

"Just draw your sword, ok?

A man walks out of a graveyard, blood staining his clothes. He holds a sword and a shovel.

First World Problems

The girl sobbed, tears staining her expensive clothes. She looked up.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked, "we're closing now."

She took a shuddering breath.

"My heart is broken. All my hopes and dreams - crushed!"

"Oh," I replied awkwardly.

"Yes. When I got here, you were out of pink necklaces."


I look for a cab. Nothing. I sit beside another man.

"Waiting for a cab?"


Time passes. A cab drives by. We jump up, it pulls over. I step forward but he pushes me.

"I was here first!"

I shove him, he shoves me, and the cab drives away.

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