I called you up at three A.M.

And I begged you to come to me

You said you'd be there right away

And then you said you loved me

You didn't knock on the door

You knew I might not still be there

You came right in, and saw me

And I've never seen you so scared

I was sitting by the window

Watching cars drive by

You sat down next to me

Just as I began to cry

I said please don't leave me

Cuz I want to leave you

I don't want to live anymore

And I don't know what to do

Make me want live

Don't let me feel alone

Save me from the balcony

The rain will chill me to the bone

I can't just a lock a door

Cuz I can't get rid of the key

I'm sorry this hurts you

But I need someone to save me

You said all the right things

And made feel alive

I chose life again

I didn't want to die

You watched me fall asleep

You we're the one I leaned on

And in the morning I woke up

(And you were gone)(and the pain was gone)