Desolate but an eruption:
Like snakes out of a can
These colors fly out at us
And in my disorientation
I cannot help but find my paper
Squared and I don't think I wrote in cursive
But after all the years between then and now
What a trifle to ponder.

The sped-up motion in the hemispheric room
Sobering but dizzying
When colors again swarm around us
(Especially my peripheral vision)
Knocking along the hallway
Until a collapse in the room at its end
In a breathless ecstasy
As all my books crash onto the floor.

Now as I recall the images of that day
And of that moment outside the shadow of too-safe second-guessing
The lesson is clearer than ever before
That regardless of a precogniscience of another hallway
This action in space divorced from time
Made me happier than anything which had come to pass
And happier than any other day to come
With the exception of the delivery of an exotic vessel from XXX XXXXX to mine.