Something about the word consumes me,

Defines me.

Whether it be tears from my eyes

Or my heart in my chest.


The world comes to play

When the day turns grey

And all I can hope to do

Is catch a break

Before I crash down.


Because once you start,

There's no hope in turning back.

Once you start that downward spiral,

That crash down from happiness,

All you can do is prepare for the

Crash, sure to break you.


I always seem to be falling.

In love, from love,

In life, from life.


And once the tears start coming down,

They turn crimson,

The only relief known to put off

The ultimate fall.

Am I stronger than death?

Am I more than just a number?


I don't want to be here anymore.

Not like this.

But what else can you do

When you've fallen from grace?

Is there a way to regain who you are,

Even with all the scars?

Is it possible to be whole

After being shattered?


Can I hope to lead a normal life

When all I know is heartbreak?

Is there a way to escape

The defensiveness,

Only to live a little reckless,

Careless of what the world thinks?

I don't want to feel any more,

See any more, breath any more

Of the bitter fumes of pain.


I can see that day somehow,

Where I fall but cannot get up.
I can see the light leaving my eyes,

Making the deep blue,

So much like an ocean,

Turn cold and empty.

And I can practically feel it,

My heart beating its final beat.

It's like a memory,

Even though it has yet to happen.

Will it? Like that?

Will I fall?

All I know now is that it's started.

I've started falling.