The running, the constant running, I haven't stopped moving since I escaped. I don't know how long I've been out and I don't know where on God's Earth I am but all I can do is run.

I remember waking up in a laboratory filled with people, people who took no notice of me for two days except the few who gave me the dodgy looks. I remember the white walls splattered with blood and the endless silence that seemed to scream so much. I remember my endless calls, screaming for some kind of answer, some sort of help.
"Please! What's happening?" I would plea and plea and receive no recognition at all.

I remember the moment of my escape. I don't exactly know what happened but I remember it all the same. It was late on my second day, awake that is, I remember the anger that coursed its way around my body and the feel of fire on my skin. I closed my eyes and let the feeling overtake me. When I opened my eyes I remember my surprise. Everyone around me had vanished and my bindings had been burned off. I fell to my knees my face in my hands. I remember the tears that streaking my face. Not from sadness but from knowing, knowing I was free.

I remember the screaming in my head telling me to get up, to run. I remember the straining in my arms as I got up and the crack of my fingers as they stretched. After numerous attempts to get up I finally made it to my feet. I remember the man strapped to the table next to me, his brown hair stuck to his face and the green eyes that seemed to hold such knowledge were dead. I remember how I feel closing his eyes, the gut wrenching feeling in my stomach like I should breakdown and cry for this man. This man I didn't even know. Scrambling through the nearby cupboards, I found a grey and red backpack with "Williams" quickly scrawled in the name section of the tag. I remember quickly shuffling through the back seeing items but not registering them. I remember the clothes that were on the shelf and the way they fit me like a glove. I walked for the door, barely able to stay upright, switching from crawling to stumbling along. My vision blurred in and out. I remember turning back to the brown- haired man feeling I had left something behind by leaving him there. I remember the flash of an image behind my eyelids of the brown-haired man kicking me a soccer ball the grin on his face that would light up the world and I knew somehow that smile was not shown very often. I remember turning for the door and the way the sun burned door on me as I exited the building, the way the fresh air seemed to give me renewed strength and the way the blue sky gave me hope. I remember the strange tag around my wrist that read "Agent Ipsilon" in bright blue pen and the way it seemed to mock me. That's where I started running and I still haven't stopped.

I remember my name is Arianne Williams and I've seen more misery than most people. You're probably wondering why I keep saying " I remember" but you need to know what I remember before we both learn what I don't remember before the memories of these few moments.

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