The Diamond of Hope

(The Story Of The Hope Diamond)

Long, long ago a search happened. A search for a diamond that had once belongs to the daughter of the queen. The daughter's named was Hope. For when she was born she was very ill. Born with an unknown disease she somehow recovered right after she was given the beautiful, marvelous diamond necklace. With this necklace she was given the gift of courage and wellness.

A subject gave the diamond for it was the only thing he had left in his life it give, for it had belonged to his wife. He wondered what to do with this diamond for then before he gave it to Hope, he had spoke to the Oracle.

She told him "For I am wise and can speak to the gods, but they are telling me of great unfortunate endings."

" What do you mean oh great Oracle?" He replied.

" I mean who ever holds this diamond in its possession an useful gift will be received but an unfortunate ending will be repaid for the gift." He thought to himself that he had to get rid of this awful diamond so he decided to give it as a gift to the princess. Why may you ask? It is because the queen was the one that sent his wife to prison for something she did not do.

Before he could leave to Oracle Said one more thing " Wait, their would be, but only one who will be the true owner of the diamond. The diamond would pick who though."

On Hope's 13th birthday a comet came. It looked like it was about to hit Earth… and it was. Everyone screamed and ran in terror. They all thought the Earth was going to end. They thought of it as revenge for all the bad doings they had done. But Hope did not.

She said, "Do not worry everyone. For I will fix this" and so she did she came into the center when the comet was going to hit and just when it came her diamond busted out a shimmer of bright green light.

That was the last time they saw Hope. For some say she dived into water and swam across the Red Sea, others say she rides on the comet. Who knows what happened but al that was left in that one spot where she stood was her diamond. Her mother ran to the spot where she had vanished and held the diamond necklace close to her heart for she remembered the face of the subject that gave Hope that necklace she took him away and sent him to her dungeon.

Keeping the diamond locked up in Hope's room, the subject escaped the dungeon to retrieve the diamond, because he wanted to be the one with the real ownership of the diamond. He managed to capture the diamond and sneak onto a boat to cross the red sea. But before he could do that the queen noticed that her prisoner had escaped. She followed him until his boat sank he managed to bored another boat, but sadly the diamond sank. Wanting this diamond, the queen sent a search party of professional divers to find the missing diamond.

After five years of searching the queen gave up. Thirty years later at the bottom of the Red Sea a young diver found the mysterious diamond. The diamond was blue and a little cracked at the top, but what this diver found was more then just a diamond he thought knew, instead it was the diamond of Hope.

He then realized what this diamonds history was. He turned out like the greedy subject that gave the diamond to Hope in the first place, after 2 years with the diamond, his home burned down. Person after person. Ending after Endings. They all turned out like the cruel man that gave the diamond to Hope. The diamond looked for it's only beloved owner, Hope. Until one day diamond found it's beloved owner. Hope was sitting on a rock near a river looking at a flower. Hope saw her diamond in the grass. Immediately Hope new she needed to return home. The diamond reunited with Hope and she and her precious diamond traveled back home like she planed. With her loving mother still waiting for her, Hope now 48 years old she went into her room and hugged her mother and her diamond. And they lived happily ever after.