If I wrote a letter to a lover, what would it say?

Honestly I have no clue

I've never been with someone that way.

Will the words be words of hate?

Will I say it's only fate?

Will it be words of anger?

That I'll throw back in your face?

Would it speak of old adventures?

Of tender evenings together?

Would it talk of our friendship?

Would it talk about how I wanted you with me forever?

When you read it alone in your room,

Would you sigh and shake your head

Recalling the old memories with a feeling of dread?

Or would you remember us happy in your head?

Would I still be a part of your life?

Will you love me as I might still love you?

Honestly, I have no clue.

Author's Note: Hey y'all. I really like this poem, because it's so cutesy that it just makes it that much better. Remember, reviews make the word go round~~~!