Dedicated to my Father

Few words describe your character

Because I never saw you once lose your composure

Even as you gave me my first death threat

A memory that is far from happy

But I'm not mad because you're my dad

You were the youngest twin

But the most ignored

Your father was busy

And your mother cuddled the older twin more

But with eleven siblings, I doubt you were lonely

And to have children of your own

When you were not fully grown

Must've been the catalysts for your maturity

As you took on responsibility

And raised me to do what's right.

My innocence may have died when I was seven

And you never knew the torture my mind was in

Or my problems with love that have been created

By your threats to put me out, or your threats to end my life

Your threats to never welcome me into your house again

I want you to know that I could never be mad

Because you're my dad

And some part of the child in me

Wants to see you look at me with pride

But be aware as you try to repair

Our broken relationship

That old habits die-hard

You've never hugged me before

SO for god's sake please don't start now.