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As I feel the rush of adrenaline I realize what I'm doing. Is this really happening? I have the sudden urge to turn back, leave this all behind but I know that I can't. My decision is final and there is no backing down.

"Mom, have you seen my purple shirt?!" I yelled down the hall. I keep looking in all the boxes I haven't unpacked yet and find it. "Never mind".

Ever since my family(me and my mom) moved to Connecticut shes been acting weird. But she says shes fine.

The reason we moved was my older sister, Karen was having trouble in her old school. She was bullies and harassed and they threatened to do worse things if she said anything. She only told one person, me.

That next weekend we went on vacation to the Grand Canyon to ease all our pains. But instead of easing them, they made it worse. The next thing i remember is Karen saying going by and giving me a kiss, then mom screaming, and holding on to me. Then the police came and we moved two weeks later, after the funeral. We don't have very much family so it was just me and mom. And don't even ask about my dad. I never even knew who he was.

Now we're here and it's my first day of high school. "Just great" I thought to myself.

"Come on Christy, your going to be late!" Mom yelled from behind my closed door.

A rush out the door just in time to see the bus come barreling down the corner towards me. "Bye mom, love you."

I step on the bus. I thought all the eyes would turn towards me, but they were all to caught up staring at something in the back seat. Then he stood up. He had green eyes, dirty blond hair and a tan, they kind of tan you get from hours in the sun. And don't even get me started on his body. He was wearing a tight, dark grayish blue T-shirt which showed off his, well everything. And he was wearing worn out blue jeans, not the kind that are worn out on purpose, but the kind that are your favorite jeans, you wear every weekend and you've had for years.

"Ryan, what are you looking at?" Asked a bleach blonde, dead blue eyed, sun tanned girl who looked about 17, (fake tan by the way). She lightly kissed Ryan, then pulled him back down in the seat.

Even though I've never met him before, I felt a special connection with this Ryan dude. Like we were meant to be together or something. I quickly put that thought in the back of my mind, I knew he would never go for a girl like me. With my plain brown hair, brown eyes, and not the hottest body, I wasn't exactly a "catch."