I Swear I'm a Gentleman of Taste

I saw a reflection of a future
with you so vivid, I thought that
your hesitance in reciprocation was
from a general shyness of
true emotions.

This was the only time
in my life where I've truly
felt like a home wrecker.


I thought that the tight
clothes, and the flirty grin
were a dead giveaway for
the personal ad:

'Closet Gay Seeks Outted Gay
to Have Me End My Straight
Relationship in Order to Have
a More Fabulous One'.

I'd like to apologize for my
emotional outburst, but I'm a
hopeless romantic. So if you
unknowingly lead me on, it'll
break my heart when I
realize how much of an
idiot I made of myself in front
of you.