The True Story of Humpty-Dumpty

Before You Read this I have a note for you all; I wrote this close to 7 years ago on a school project, and earlier today, i was organizing my files and stumbled across this, and for the hell of it - published it (I edited most of it before though)
flame all you want - I do not have any care for this story :)
Hope you find it amusing though... :)

Have you heard of the riddle "Humpty-dumpty"? No? Well… here how it goes:

"Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall.

All of the king's horses and

All of the king's men couldn't,

Put Dumpty together again"

There… you heard it, and don't believe it! It's all a lie! I saw the whole story with my own two eyes!

It all goes like this… One lovely afternoon I was watered by Humpty-Dumpty… You see I'm a beautiful flower in a lovely grassy green field, but unlike all the other fields in the Dumpty kingdom, there was a wall in the middle of the field, and Humpty-Dumpty lived on it. You see everyone in the Dumpty kingdom likes Humpty-Dumpty… Well Everyone but Gray, the king's own horse. Gray was the kings horse for five years now and for two years he hated Humpty because he over heard the king talking the knights saying the he liked Humpty-Dumpty best in the whole kingdom (and that was saying something). Those eight words ruined his life, and he swore that he would get revenge on Dumpty.

Anyway… back to the topic. I was waiting for Humpty-Dumpty to return from the castle at the top of the hill… and when he did he got up on his wall and at that second, Gray, called out from behind Humpty-Dumpty: "I hate you Dumpty! It's time for you to die!" and at that very moment he kicked Humpty-Dumpty off the wall and Humpty-Dumpty fell to his death…

So! At the end of it all, Gray ran into the wild and no one saw him again, and the very next day Dumpty had his funeral and everyone attended to it. For some stupid reason… the future poem writers decided to write "Humpty-Dumpty" in a different way where he fell instead of being pushed.

Oh well.

The End

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