Catch Up

The last week has been the weirdest this year, by a mile, from hilarity, to devastation, to confusion, to irritation, and everything in between. And THEN there's school itself. My last post was on Sunday, so I'll condense the last week into a chronological order of events, and may just start posting on a weekly basis.

1. My friend's (hilarious) troubles.

This seems like so long ago now… Sunday night, just before I went to sleep, I received a message from my mate's girlfriend (who he had been going out with for just under a month) that she was worried about them, and that his mother was insane. Monday morning, I asked him what was going on, and thus began the funniest true story I've heard in a very long time.

Apparently, someone had stolen his debit card, and ordered two hundred pounds of sex toys on it from Wowcher. They then sent a vibrator to his house, but as he was away for the weekend with Air Cadets (something we both do, but I wasn't at the weekend camp), his mother received it in his name, and opened it… . Yeah, she wasn't impressed. Assuming it was him that had ordered it, she tore into him when he got home, taking his phone and laptop… and iPad… and 3DS XL… and PS2 and Wii… and made him deactivate Facebook and Twitter, AND, in order to make sure he couldn't use her computer when she wasn't home, she takes the keyboard and mouse to work with her… X'D. He told me and some other friends, but never told us to keep it secret, so now even some of the teachers know. Not to mention the whole of our year. This will be remembered for a /long/ time…

2. Sad news for my sister…

I couldn't be happy about that for long, though, because waiting for the bus to take me home that day (I live FAR too far away from school) my friend in the year below told me about a party that happened at the weekend, and this girl that goes to the all girls' school up the road had died… Lots of rumours have gone around, and I don't want to say anything when nothing has been confirmed, but the facts are that she went to a party, there was alcohol involved (which may or may not have been a contributing factor), she went home and was found in her bed the next morning. My sister is in her year and knew her, and so was understandably upset. But that wasn't to be the end of the upsetting news that day…

3. … and then for my family.

Later that day, after I had returned from Air Cadets, we learnt that my Granddad's wife passed away through illness that afternoon. Despite the fact that I had never been close to her, it was sad news to hear and the whole family (which is a lot, even just on my Dad's side – he had 7 brothers and sisters, nearly all have families, so…) was saddened. It's a shame that more and more we only seem to come together in times of sadness, but we did so again, and it was good meeting with everyone once again. Though there was to be a happy occasion later on

4. The not debate-y debate.

On Tuesday night, as you may have heard, the bill was passed in the House of Commons allowing same sex marriage, which, naturally, I brought up with my boyfriend. We had a difference in opinion concerning whether it should be okay for couples of the same sex to get married in a church – I thought, mainly based on the interpretations of bible passages I had heard, that it shouldn't be forced through if the church didn't want it to happen, and he disagreed. Now, we'd always said that we'd enjoy a debate together, and I thought this would lead to one, but it didn't – it seemed he didn't want to debate and the topic put him in a bad mood.

5. The clash of events.

The next day, more friction was created between us, purely my fault. I'd planned a trip bowling around three weeks ago with my sister and a mutual friend, but had forgotten about it and agreed to meet up with him on that day as well. I remembered on Wednesday and let him know that I wouldn't be able to meet up, but he, understandably, wasn't happy that I was going to 'blow him off' for people that I saw regularly. He was right, and I have since moved the trip to a different day.

6. The Party

Thursday and Friday passed with very little incident comparatively. I went to a Blind Date event hosted by the guys at our school with girls from up the road involved; then my sister started the weekend at a friend's house. Saturday was the next interesting event – my cousin turned 30, and we all went to the party. There was much merriment and laughter, and a karaoke player was whipped out, and pretty much everyone had a turn on the microphone. Depressingly, while my sister sang beautifully, fate chose me the wrong song, and I was hopeless (in my opinion). However, my day was greatly improved on the news that Manchester City had lost to Southampton, and even more so today despite my lack of a football match, when United won 2-0 against Everton, to go TWELVE POINTS CLEAR. Hehehehehehe #MindTheGap