A/N I actually am quite excited about this sequel. :) I just got the distinct thought that the ending of Forever meant that Ophelia doubted Theo's arrival greatly and that she still feels guilty about everything. So, this Say You Love Me is going to be in both their POV's, alternating between each chapter. It would help a lot if you read Forever before you read this. Thanks all for reading the sequel! Let's get started!

Say You Love Me

Chapter One

Ophelia's POV

After spending years and years alone in this apartment, it felt weird to see someone in my living room; lounging around on my sofa or just walking around the room like they were meant to be here. Even to just hear sounds around the house that I did not cause gives me a fright sometimes. I have, yes, hosted many parties that resulted in turning my house into a free-lodging motel to my inebriated friends, but this is different to everything else. Shotgun has slept over in my guest room many times during the first year we arrived here, worried that I would cause harm to myself. But that was different to this too; Theo was here. In fact, I can feel him right next to me, lying on my bed holding me close. Like he does every night for the last three months.

And it worries me as much as it excites me. I could feel his every breath as he exhales onto my neck, sending shivers running up and down my spine. At least someone was getting much needed sleep. Glancing at the clock now, the bright neon digits winked 2.09 A.M at me. And we all know what that means. I was, of course, startled out of my sleep by the nightmare. I was pretty sure I jerked about in my sleep, but Theo seemed to be happily stuck in dreamland and was quite happy burying his face into my neck. At least, the merit of this was that he wouldn't know what the nightmare was about, if not, the existence of it in the first place. One less person worrying was paradise to me; Shotgun called me needlessly everyday, asking me about every single thing under the sun. I could only imagine, with Theo's constant paranoia for me, Theo would be worse than Shotgun a hundred times over. And I would then have to kiss my freedom goodbye.

I tried to push away his arm that was resting on my hip, as it always was, to get out of bed and grab a glass of water. He, of course, tightened his hold on me and grumbled in his sleep. I must have spent at least five minutes doing this before he finally complied, grabbing my pillow in place of me. I took tentative steps towards the door, careful to awake him when opening the creaky door. I stepped into the dimly lit living room, glancing around at the familiar surroundings, feeling slightly nostalgic when remembering I had done the same thing the day I left Theo's house. At least it was a different house now.

I must have gotten some sleep, for when I awoke, sunlight was pouring in through the small gaps in my blinds, illuminating my pastel blue room. I shifted myself to find Theo's grey-green eyes focused on me. He smiled despite the shock that flooded my own eyes. What can I say? I still am shocked that he was here. Next to me. I fully expected that one day, when I woke up he wouldn't be there next to me, smiling as he always was, those green eyes focused on me all the same.

"Good morning, Leigh," he greeted me with his deep voice.

Had he been awake for long? His voice showed no traces of drowsiness. Was he staring at me while I slept? That must have been embarrassing. I felt my ears heat up unwittingly, which of course, earned a chuckle from Theo. He even chuckles now. He was so different to the Theo I knew three years ago, yet, so familiar. He softly kissed the top of my head, smiling at me when he lowered his gaze to me.

It was times like these that I was trapped under the illusion that he was truly going to stay here with me; that every morning, when I woke up, he would be smiling at me, giving me the same soft kiss on my head. But the truth was that he probably did the same thing to Serah. That it was probably not the top of her head that he kissed. That it was for her that he was here. And that just about dampens any happy thought I had that led towards a happy ever after with Theo. I was hopelessly, and needlessly in love with Theo all the same.

I smiled back at him, greeting him too, despite my thoughts internally.

"I wish you'd have me a nickname, Leigh, it's not fair that I don't get a special nickname from my beloved." He pouts, doing his best impression of puppy-dog eyes. Which he does amazingly well. Or I was just a prisoner to his little whims.

It's not as though I didn't have a nickname I wanted to call him. It's more of the fact that I knew if I used it, I would become even more attached to him. Didn't they all say that when you give someone a nickname, you become more attached to them? They would have earned a special place in your heart. I didn't want that. Especially not when he could just up-and-leave anytime he wanted.

"Theo is your nickname. And I call you that too," I reasoned. All I got in response was another pout.

"But everyone calls me Theo. You're different to everyone else!"

It was times like these that I wish my heart didn't pound slightly faster at his words. It just made it harder to prepare for the inevitable.

"Well, what do you want me to call you, then?" I asked, looking up at him as he shifted to turn his body towards me and rest his head on his hand.

He smiled at me as he replied, "I want you to think up a name for me. It's not special, otherwise."

"Well, I can't think of any."

"Oh, come on, candy." He nudged me with his other hand.

Another nickname he gave me after declaring that 'sweetheart' was too common an endearment to use on me.

"Can't think of anything," I repeated, watching as his pout turned into a slight frown, "anyway, why don't we have breakfast while I think, eh? Breakfast?"

He stared at me for a while, holding me in place as he did so. Those green eyes that I loved so much darkened in colour so that the grey was almost completely gone. Green reigned those eyes for a while before the grey slowly returned, and he snapped out of his stupor. He nodded at me and I proceeded to get out of bed. Before I could even move though, he turned around and grabbed my hand, forcing my gaze back on him. Smiling, he kissed me on my lips, the two of us reveling in the warmth of the other's for a few minutes before he pulled away. His eyes were still hooded, and he was still smiling as his face stopped a few inches from mine. He opened his eyes and focused on me, using one hand to stroke my cheek gently.

"I love you, Ophelia, for forever and a day."