looks like heat rising off the pavement
smells like freshly mowed grass.
sounds like the announcements from the swim meet at the other end of the neighborhood.
tastes like melted ice cream.
feels like creek water washing over my feet.

looks like pollen on top of every car
smells like flowers from in front of every house
sounds like raindrops falling on the roof
tastes like snap peas fresh form the garden
feels like soft crape myrtle blossoms everywhere

looks like trees turning colors
smells like fresh erasers for starting school
sounds like the rustle of leaves in bags
tastes like pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving dinner
feels like the beginning of crisp coldness in the air

looks like ice glittering everywhere
smells like hot chocolate
sounds like the crack of icicles separating from the roof
tastes like snow melting in my mouth
feels like my toes freezing in my boots

Seasons come and go,
But memories last forever.