Little Earthquakes
where i am moments
brand my bones with white-hot
colors & contours interrupting my nervous
system with their own electrical impulses dissonant and
defined by edges of me they ricochet off into
shivers rippling deeper than skin with atomic
intensity and the sound
of drums and cymbals clattering
together like gravity beneath my ribs breaking
down the shrapnel of the light around
me into a black hole crushed into something unrecognizable but
scorching so brightly as heaven and hell moving
in me tenuto and trilling and rhythmic so
i wheeze with the world rooted
deeply in my lungs and coiling along my hips when
the citrus and ultra-violet rays seep through
my marrow to the deepest part of me and i
can taste the earth shaking in my chest.

screamless and sighless,
i lose myself in the dark
and my little earthquake.