One Less Drink

Dialogue only Fic.

"Kim!Thats enough drinks!"

"Just one more!"

"How many have you had?"

"How many I can count to!"

"Which is?"

"Hm... six!"

"How are you so cheerful? Either way thats enough!"

"I'm not even drunk! I only had nine!"

'You said six, Kim"

"Well I changed my mind!"

"How many more times will you changed your mind?"

"How many times I want!"

"We're leaving"

"But...But big T had more than me and she's still here!"

"Big T?"


"Alice doesn't have classes in the morning! Plus Ali drinks everyday and Oliver is here with her...somewhere"

"But Andrew!"

"Kim we're going now!"

"Fine! You're such a...a... a big meanie!"

"That so hurt my feelings...hey where are you going?"

"Away from you!"

"Kim stop acting like a hormonal teenager!"

"So I'm HORMONAL now!? If that's how you feel I'm leaving!"

"Kim don't be like that!"

"Help! Stranger Danger!"

"Nothing to see here folks! Kim!"

"Leave me alone!"

"Kim don't be like that!"

"You cant call someone a hormonal teenager! What if i called you a jealous boyfriend!"

"We never dated though,Kim"

"Yeah in second grade for half a month!"

"You got some vivid memory either way I'm not jealous!"

"Oh really?"

"Kim get OFF of him right now!"


"I'm jut saving you from rape charges Kim"

"But its not rape of they like it!"

"Your logic is unbelievable when you're drunk"

"Well lets see how you like it!"

"Kim we're in public!"

"No we're in an alley. Plus rape is just surprise sex! SURPRISE!"


"Don't ignore the fact you liked it!"




"Wow you must really like my name I mean you have said it about thirteen times!"

"Lets go home Kim..."