Title: Swing Life Away
Note: Just breathe.

It was warm outside, and she was far too stressed. So she trailed down the sidewalk, untangling her headphones as she walked. The playground was deserted when she got there, the clock on her phone reading 5:00.

She wound through the jungle gym and made her way to the swing, picking the set in the middle. The swing's seat gave a little under her weight as she sat down. She stripped off her jacket and laid it over the empty swing next to her.

For a brief moment, she felt like a kid again, sitting all alone on the swing set.

A mother came with her three children, sat at the picnic table and proceeded to ignore her three small children as they ran around.

She was mildly glad for the headphones blocking her ears, and the music pulsing and undulating in her skull. She ignored her arms and kicked with her legs, stressing the muscles further, even after an hour and a half of working out.

As the sun beat down her, she was unable to keep the smile in. It pulled itself to her lips.

A father with two daughters showed up next. He was more attentive, following his children about and helping them on the equipment. She was unable to keep the smile in, and he seemed to think she was smiling at him.

She kicked her legs hard, making her hips ache but she kept on swinging. Her body stretched out straight as she went forward, her eyes following the sky and hitting a sense of vertigo. She slowed her swinging, her legs drawing up close to the swing, and she shifted through the air.

She slammed her feet down on the black, rubber mat, and the swing jerked and twisted. She slumped in the swing, letting the sun's rays beat down on her head and neck. She heaved a sigh and couldn't manage to shake the feeling that she was waiting for someone. She put her phone in her jacket and began to swing again, turning the music up until the world disappeared and squinted her eyes shut.

She just soaked up the feel of the cool air on her arms, face, and lower back and the warm sun contrasting the wind. For just a little bit, she didn't have any responsibilities and could just swing life away.