Chapter 14


I opened my eyes, to sunlight streaming through my cabin window. I blinked lazily my mind still sluggish from sleep. I stretched and moved to Delphine my hands searching her side of the bed. I stopped, blinked in confusion. My eyes widened as it all came crashing back to me.

It had been more than one cycle of the moon since Delphine had been taken from me but every morning as I woke up it was the same, the same pain that stopped my heart as fresh as the day I lost her. I closed my eyes again and buried my face into my pillow trying not to shake from the sudden flood of emotions that cascaded over my mind. Breathing in deeply, I slowly reclaimed control over my emotions locking them in a chest deep inside my mind. There was a slight rap on my cabin door and Fedors soft frail voice rang out.

"Cap'n?" he asked cautiously sensing my distress.

I sat up quickly composing my face into a blank mask of indifference hiding my locked mental box, concealing how I truly felt, it was no use against someone who had gifts like Fedor had but it gave me piece of mind. I called back to Fedor telling him to come in.

He stepped inside his eyes scanning around my room, he moved slowly, carefully as though I was a wild animal that could pounce any moment.

"Land has been sighted, sir. We should dock at Port Tursa before noon." He said quietly still watching me with those kind eyes, cautiously.

I sighed nodding, I needed to get off my ship, everything here reminded me of Delphine I needed to drink and sink myself into a few cheap whores until all thoughts of Delphine have been numbed from my mind. I desperately craved her but the need to escape and let my mind forget was stronger.

Fedor smiled taking a step closer to me his arm out stretched towards me. He wanted to take some of my pain, help me sink back to sleep in a peaceful oblivion but I shook my head and he took a step back again his arm falling to his side. He turned still keeping an eye on me as he slipped out of my cabin gently shutting my door behind him.

We docked at port Tursa at around noon just as Fedor had predicted. I wrote a letter to the Council informing them of our arrival and apologizing for the delay explaining the attack and loss of crew and that we would report to the Council Hall at day break tomorrow morning. I had sent Seolmar on the errand who stormed crankily off cursing that, the jobs of a cabin boy was beneath him.

The Town of Port Tursa was a vibrant racquets place filled with pick pockets, whores, Lords, Ladies and traders alike. Ranging from run down bars and brothels to mansions fit for kings this Port was the biggest in the Piliphi Sea. With such variety this harbor was the perfect place to restock on supplies and hire a new crew.

I stepped off of my ship and onto the harbor, my eyes scanning over the landscape, it was breath taking. Buildings surrounded the circular bay, piled high and miss matched as though they had been thrown together then tossed around a little, ranging four, five stories high. The building where colorful and full of life, I hadn't realized it but I missed being in crowds, I missed seeing people and being exposed to their odd ways.

To my left was a light house, magnificent in its stature it seemed almost regal with its dome on the top glittering in the sunlight. I glanced to my right and noticed Seolmar rushing towards me with a slight limp, with an almost agitated but excited air about him.

I paused watching him perplexed as his pace quickened.

"Seolmar, what's the matter?" I asked confused I had never seen the man act this way. Without looking my way he replied.

"Bloody woman, tempting minxes it's been far too long Cap'n."

My eyes widened as I let out a sudden bark of laughter, Seolmar turned sharply into the next building that was painted a bright red with black curtains draping the windows, which I looked up to see a sign that read 'The Lords Load'.

"Did you get my letter to the council?" I shouted again after him but he was long gone.

I rushed after him stepping into the dark and dingy building. I coughed as the thick aroma of rum, smoke and sex filled my nostrils. I searched for Seolmar, my eyes straining in the dark. Slowly I took in the sight of lust filled men chasing tail, men covered every inch of the room all drunk and clearly enjoying themselves as the whores danced and fondled each other for their costumer's enjoyment. A practically well off lord sat in the first table in the brothel, he was dressed in expensive attire, gold chains hanging from his neck and wrists and a cigar between his lips under his mattered grey moustache. He was surrounded by topless wenches all with different body shapes and skin colours, all competing for his attention but he had only eyes for one of them. A particularly pretty whence, her body was slim yes curvy, her raven black hair cascaded down her shoulders, swishing with her as she laughed and cheered with her colleagues as the lord took a bottle of rum from the table and poured it down his favorite wenches front, she squealed and shimmied her chest as he did so. The now soaked whence reached for the lords hand, she pulled him unsteadily to his feet she led him to the back of the brothel, as the other wenches fell away back into the dark and dingy room to prey on other drunk and willing men. As I watched them walk away I spied Seolmar heading behind the lord and dark haired whence to the back of the brothel. I smiled deciding to let him have his fun, it was unusual to see Seolmar show any emotion besides grumpy or annoyed, it was strange to see him that way but I liked it.

I stepped backwards to walk out of the brothel but as I did something soft and warm touched my arm, startled I looked down and a petite whore looked up at me her wide brown eyes starring alluring into mine, she had blonde hair it was long almost to her waist I felt it brush my chest as she leaned in closer to me and whispered next to my ear, purposefully pressing her bare breasts into me.

"Hello Captain," she leaned closer to me her hands running from my arms down my chest to my belt where she lifted my shirt and ran her fingers along my skin. I shivered my body was so unused to being touched. I leaned into her, feeling my eyes grow heavy with want. I tried to resist but I couldn't it had been too long, far too long and who I desperately wanted I couldn't have. I looked down at her blonde hair convincing myself that she was her, my Delphine.

I cursed under my breath, my hands grabbed for her hips, my fingers almost rough as they dug into her skin. I needed to feel that soft give of my body sinking into her flesh, that satisfaction that only a woman's body could give me. I slipped my hands into her hair and let my fingers be surrounded by her silky strands, I sighed as I leant further into her. She touched my cheek, her small hand curling around my jaw as she traced the outline of my lips with the tips of her fingers.

"Make love to me, Captain." She murmured gently to me sensing my need to be loved and felt loved. She pulled my hand and I followed blindly behind her, I couldn't think I didn't know what I wanted, I wanted Delphine I desperately needed her but I couldn't have her she may be gone from my life forever. My heart clenched and I felt my hand squeeze around my lady of the nights hand. She turned and smiled at me gently leading me to the back of the brothel. How pathetic I was, I thought, a grown man seeking the comfort of a woman I will have to pay for her services.

Opening a door she brought me inside closing it gently behind her, the room was painted a midnight blue it had little to no furniture apart from a large bed that was adorned with greens and purples, it was stunning so luxurious and sensual, in my dazed state of lust, pain and confusion I found it inviting…I found her inviting. She came up behind me as I starred at the bed unmoving, her hands moved again to my belt but this time she unbuckled it and I froze as her hands disappeared down beneath my pants. I sucked in a breath and almost swooned as I felt something so delicious that I hadn't felt in a very long time, my body took over and my mind finally silenced no more thoughts of Delphine flooded my mind as I became a beast of want.

I spun around and picked her up clutching for her skirts pulling them away my hands searched her skin as I dropped her down onto the bed she gasped surprised at my sudden change. Taking care of my own clothes I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my knee. I grabbed for her thighs drawing them apart and nestling myself between them as I looked down on her and prepared to do something I would regret.

As I thought this I froze, I looked down at this woman and froze she wasn't what or who I wanted.

"I…I'm sorry," I paused as it dawned on me that I didn't know her name, I had just been prepared to bed this woman without the slightest inkling of who she was. And with that my world shattered, without my realizing it had been changed forever, I was no longer the man I thought I was. Stepping back stunned, I buckled up my pants pulling them up from my knee. I pulled my wallet from my hip and placed a few gold coins in her hand. She watched me confused as I smiled apologetically and left.

On my way out I grabbed a bottle of rum dropping a few more coins in the barmaid's hands as I made my way out of the Lords Load, to my ship back to where it was safe, where I could think.

I looked up at the stars from my position on the deck looking up at the stars, with a drunken tear slipping down my cheek because I had finally let myself think of Delphine, letting the pain wash over my soul as I let myself accept once again that I may never see her again. I pulled the bottle to my lips and took a great gulp, not that I needed anymore but it comforted me and let me naively hope that she might still be alive and from where ever she may be she was staring at the same sky as me tonight missing me too.

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