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She sat on her favorite bench at the old train station and watched as people walked by. People watching was the only way to pass the time. The intoxicating sereneness of the people walking from different stops was calming to the point of sleep. The peace vanished every time she remembered why exactly she was sitting on her favorite bench in the quiet train station people watching.

She couldn't comprehend what the devil had made her agree to the stupid idea. She was only sixteen! Her parents would kill her if they found out she was out on a date, let alone on a date with a complete stranger.

Her best friend Karrie had convinced her to go out on a date with her, quote, "extremely hot and super funny, all-around amazing to hang out with" cousin. He was staying with Karrie and her family for the summer. He had flown in from Texas two days ago. Karrie hadn't even bothered to tell her what her cousin's name was!

She felt as her palms began to sweat. She tried to casually wipe them off on the pretty red dress that Karrie had insisted she wear. It didn't help much; sweat kept coming, now dewing at her hairline. She tried to dab it away from start of her honey brown locks.

Her head started to swim as she realized there was no getting out of it now. She wished she could travel back in time, just to the time when the station seemed serene. Even that much would be nice.

Her breath was becoming shallow and short-lived. At this rate, hyperventilation was right around the corner. She tried to calm herself by twisting her ponytail around her long, nail-bitten fingers.

"Um, are you McKenna?" a deep voice asked from behind her. McKenna jumped, what she thought to be, a good two feet in the air. She spun on her heels to see the boy she was apparently supposed to be on a date with. She wouldn't lie. The boy was gorgeous.

Tall and lean, he had dark black, disheveled hair and a quirky smile. Sarcasm seemed like it would roll easily off his tongue. Deep green eyes held secrets she thought she wouldn't care to know. He looked dangerous and danger was never on safe little McKenna's agenda.

"Oh!" she coughed. "You must be – uh, I'm sorry, Karrie didn't tell me your name," she trailed off.

"Derek. And she didn't tell me you'd be nearly this pretty," he teased. He winked at her, and McKenna could've sworn that her heart rate sped twice as fast as is healthy.

He sat down on the bench and looked expectantly at her. McKenna quickly caught herself and sat down next to Derek rather awkwardly.

"Well then McKenna, tell me a thing or two about yourself," he said calmly, looking at her in curiosity.

"Well, uh," she stammered. "Um, what do you want to know?" she managed to choke out.

Derek laughed, "Oh I don't know. How about telling me what grade you're in. Or how old you are."

"I'm sixteen. I'm in the tenth grade, so I'm a sophomore in high school. Well, it's summer so if you want to be technical, I'm really in eleventh grade which puts me at junior level," she stammered hopelessly. McKenna tried to keep her breath controlled. Why did Karrie have to set her up with someone this attractive? She couldn't handle being near male mathletes, let alone someone like this.

"So you're the same age as Karrie?" he asked. Unintentional as it probably was, the way his eyes bore into her made her break into a cold sweat.

"Y-yeah. So, uh, how old are you?" she asked, stuttering. She really had to get the stuttering under control.

"I'm eighteen. Ouch. I'm a legal adult. Does that make a creeper, being on a date with a minor?" Derek joked. A hysterical giggle escaped her. She covered her face and tried to smother the snort, but she couldn't help it. She snorted and the giggles kept on coming.

Derek laughed right along with her. McKenna couldn't decide if she would fall off the bench first, or have her side split open.

"You are quite the funny one, McKenna. I've never met a girl who snorts when she laughs," he chuckled.

"Oh man. I'm sorry about that." Her face darkened to the same shade as her dress.

That started the conversation of whether or not it was cute to snort when you laugh. That spurred out to what was cute in general. The conversation kept on picking itself up and starting somewhere new. This went on for a good two hours, bringing McKenna out of her shell more than she thought possible. The comfortable banter only ended when Karrie came to crash the party.

Karrie coughed loudly in McKenna's ear. The poor girl had the same reaction to Karrie as she did when Derek had first arrived. She shot up in the air in sheer terror.

"Enjoying yourself, eh McKenna?" Karrie laughed. McKenna turned red again. "Well, I'll be over there," she pointed at a bench about twenty feet away, "and Derek will come with me. He kinda has to drive me home. I've been wandering this station for, like, a billion years," Karrie laughed again and started walking in the other direction, her unnaturally red hair splaying over her shoulder.

"Well, uh, bye." McKenna looked down at the ground and waved, her hand staying close to her waist.

"This was nice. I'll be here for another two months, so do you think I could see you again?" he asked confidently.

McKenna's head shot up. "Really?" she faltered.

"Yeah. I'd like that. If you don't mind of course." Derek stuck his hands in his pockets and leaned over her.

"That would be, um, very nice," she consented.

"Great. I'll see you tomorrow then." He removed his hands from his pockets and grabbed her by the shoulders quickly. One second – and kiss to savor – later, Derek was gone, vanished into the crowd. The last McKenna saw was Karrie's florescent scarlet hair disappear, Derek at her side.

That summer was the best McKenna ever lived. She thought of how terribly cliché she sounded, but she couldn't care less. Every free second she spent with Derek – every free second until he left.

She knew it was an inevitable thing, but that didn't mean it hurt any less. Her first real boyfriend, her first real love she would say, if she felt like pushing it, was leaving her, and going away for who knows how long. Derek was going back to his farm in Texas and whatever farm life was like. It wasn't like she would know.

McKenna was a city girl, born and raised. The thought of farms put the fear of God in her. How her beloved Derek would be able to live was beyond her.

Needless to say, McKenna cried a few times. In actuality, that's all she did – cry. Her parents had honestly considered an intervention.

McKenna waited at the train station at her favorite bench once again. This time she wore her blue jeans and a normal jacket, nothing like her ensemble the first day she met Derek. She scanned the crowd for the boy, soon spotting him.

He jogged through the multitude to her side.

"Is it true?" McKenna snapped as soon he arrived.

"Yeah," Derek murmured quietly. "I'm sorry McKenna. But we both knew this was coming. I was only supposed to be here for two months anyway. I've been here for near three! Your summer came and went, but I stayed! 'Course, my college classes don't start up for another week, but honestly Kenna! I have to go home," he whimpered.

Derek leaned down and grabbed McKenna face, pulling it closer to his. "Please, Kenna. Don't make this harder than it already is," he whispered, his forehead now pressed against hers.

"But –" McKenna sobbed. "Please, don't go." She stood up taller and kissed him with as much force as she could muster. Derek ran his fingers through her caramel colored hair. He then disentangled himself from her vice like grip.

"Bye, McKenna. Don't forget me," he murmured against her temple. His voice was a mere shadow to her.

"Please," she sobbed. "Please!" Derek began to walk away. He boarded the next train out. He carried no luggage. He didn't bother to pack. He was a vapor in the wind, fleeting and insecure to anyone other than himself. He wondered if he would ever see McKenna again. He doubted it.

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