I think I'll start by saying that I'm known as a good girl.

And now, you're probably thinking, "Oh great. Another one of those teen angst stories where she discovers herself in the end."

Luckily for you, this isn't one of those stories.

True, I've always been average. Average height, weight, bra size. I have a few friends. I went on a date with, like, one guy in my life, but he had bologna breath so that probably doesn't even count.

I mean, it's not like I'm unattractive. I get a zit once in a while, or maybe my jeans are a bit too tight sometimes from a night of eating nothing but ice cream. Luckily, though, my best friend likes to keep me in check in the looks department. She's constantly making sure that I look presentable when we go to parties. Apparently she did an extra good job when I convinced Seth Ryan to-

Well, we'll get to that in a second. Anyway, as an average teen, I've always had the advantage of being able to scoff at those "above me". Better grades, whatever. Especially popularity. That's how it always goes, doesn't it? But I've always particularly hated how irritating those loud-mouthed "popular" kids are. And anyway, who are they popular to? Themselves?

But until that one class, that one project, I never would have guessed that I would have sex with one of those so-called popular kids-particularly Seth Ryan- and purposely get myself pregnant.

But again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I suppose I even have the typical teenager "fuck it" attitude. I mean, I'm not the type to go out and smoke some weed with my hipster buddies, but there are quite a lot of things in the world that I find ridiculous.

Since I already mentioned that I got pregnant on purpose at that point in my life, I might as well go back to before the whole thing began.

Ever since I'd had sex-ed my freshmen year, I'd thought it was completely and utterly stupid that society made such a big deal about teen pregnancy. I mean, give it up for adoption if you don't want it.

So, we'll go back to the beginning. And how, in Mr. Everett's class, I decided to become pregnant form my senior school project. We were supposed to come up with something that we could research the entire school year, and then present it to the class at the end. What better to do than to study the effects of teen pregnancy?

Oh, the days when I was stupid.

So, when I first posted this, a reviewer pointed out to me that this seems unrealistic. I have a plan for this whole thing, and this is only the prologue. So don't go hating yet. And I do understand that teen pregnancy is serious. I do know what I'm doing. So if you're going to say that you hate it, at least leave out how unrealistic it is, because you don't know what's going on in my little head :P