There he is, just one shot and the entire country goes into a panic. If only the people in congress were a little smarter, none of this would be happening right now. First it will be him, then everyone in congress whom we have decided are only here for their own agendas and not the good of the country and it's citizens. Some of my men have worked their way into the Secret Service, only two of the fifteen men are going to be knocked out today.

He's about to make his speech, he's coming through the door. The president of the United States stands behind the podium and I ready my sniper rifle. It's armed with a silencer so that it's probable that no one will guess my location until I get out of the building. I'm going to let him say his speech first, it will be more poetic that way. It's something about the good of the people but, like always, in his last term and his speeches to be re-elected, they make absolutely no sense. It has no direction and no point, there is only a theme.

His speech is almost done. I put my finger on the trigger and aim for his head. For someone who is such an obvious target to most in this country, he doesn't really make himself a moving target much. He says thank you and I pull the trigger. The bullet is soft metal and, if the bullet didn't kill him, it will be the poison released into his brain that will kill him. He falls over and blood coats the floor. People panic and scurry out of the room. I set the proximity bomb in a cache beneath the rifle and I blend into the panicked crowd. There are three congress members inside the White House today. As soon as I'm out of range of the bomb or if someone gets too close to it. My supiriors would rather me out of the White House alive, but they don't want me to spill secrets.

I get out of the building and stay by myself. I get out of the gates and see a black car waiting for me. I open the door and see my superiors inside. I get in and the car drives away. When we make the turn to get into town, there is a loud boom behind us. One of the men in the car turns around to look through the back window but then he looks back. The White House, the president, and three congressmen are no more. The whole country will know of the assassination within the hour. The whole country will be ripe for change. If only the American Government listened to the people sooner, maybe we wouldn't have had to take action and force the change that is necessary.