Black and white

I'm the type of girl

Who stays awake

At night pondering over the days's mistakes

I wonder about my future and my past

Sorting things through

Wondering who will be the ones to last

But there's just one person

Who never fits right

He doesn't go into either category

But rests somewhere in between

Where I can never quite comprehend

Somewhere in the middle

Of being more than a friend

He's sweet and he's kind

Watching out for others

All of the time

But is it for the best

Or would it just be a mess...

I'm the type of girl

Who dreams

In black and white

But when I dream of you

I'm a little confused

You see, when you smile

I smile

And when you laugh

I laugh

So I guess you could say

That in my heart you're Mr. Right

But in my mind

You're still just a friend

Trust me,

It's not easy to understand!

You're no black or white

And because you're so special

My heart and mind are at war

I love you, I'm sure

But of what sort?

I'm the type of girl

Who falls for guys

Who are sweet and kind

Who have confidence but can be shy

And it turns out,

You're just that sort of guy

So I love you,

I do.

You're Mr. Right

So tell me now...

Are you the guy

Who stays up at night

Sorting through the girls

Who would make your world

Do you dream in black and white

And in your dreams...

Am I your wife?