Would you leave possessions behind;

So called "friends" and family members,

Things of all kinds,

To obey someone who you cannot see?

Would your faith be strong enough to endure

Or are you unsure

If you could flee

When He says, "Leave it all.

Come! Follow me!"

And answer this please,

Would you pick up your torture stake

To serve him faithfully,

Vowing never to fall away

But to stay awake?

Would you

No matter what it takes?

Does your no truly mean no

And does your yes honestly mean yes?

Tell me now,

Would you keep your promise,

Or would you deny your word

When you come face to face with a sword?

Are you unsure?

Don't you know

It's not the one who proves himself worthy in this world

Who will be saved

No, it's the brave ones who choose to be different;

To be faithful

Until the very end.

So let me ask again,

Would you leave possessions behind

To serve someone

Whom you cannot see?

Would you continue under persecution

Even to keep witnessing?

Ask yourself,

Is your faith strong enough to endure...

Or are you unsure?