These messages were found in a nine year old's journal. We have diagnosed here already, but when we did, she was found dead.

NOTE: We have fixed all of the spelling mistakes on the journal.

My name is Aries. I'm pretty young and I think I might have some form of psychosis or whatever. I actually have no idea what psychosis really is, I just hear my therapist talk to my parents about it. I hear them talk about something else called schizophrenia. That, I know about. I'm pretty scared and I think it might be better for me to not know about the other condition.

I actually googled psychosis, It is pretty much being insane. I really don't think I have it, but I'm really scared. At least psychosis last for a little while, well, that's what it says. I'm self aware, I think. I'm not sure if getting somewhat diagnosed from the therapist and searching about it really counts as self awareness. I don't know what else to write about. Oh yeah! I nearly forgot about what I do.

Well, I don't really do things in a real world. I do more of my things in my mind, my thoughts. There are so many cool things you can do, but sometimes, they get into the real world. They are more hostile in this blah world and I don't like it. And I forgot to tell you why I'm even writing all of this stuff down. Well, my therapist is forcing me, to write all of this stuff down. Okay, maybe forcing isn't really the right word. More like, wanting me. So right now, here, you are reading all of the stuff that he wants me to write down. He is actually at my front door and wanting to have a conference with me. I guess I'll write to everybody later. Bye!

It seems that my therapist has found out the correct diagnosis. I have… psychosis. I felt my thoughts start to disappear. I felt like I was melting and I didn't know what to do. I was trying to deny the truth, but that just made me feel like some different, twisted, and delusional. I can feel my world breaking apart from reality. I feel like I don't belong. I'm not sure if I should even be existing… I feel the trouble of breathing as I feel like fainting on the wooden floor. Nobody is acknowledging me. I feel surges of intelligence enter my hollow brain. Maybe, I am heterogeneous. I've chosen a twisted lifestyle. You're difficult… *Unknown words*

The girl was found passed out onto the floor. These words remained. And we are still trying to decipher the garbled mess. It seemed that her brain went crazy and was flooded with words, describing the sudden change of word choice.

The girl wrote some things afterwards, but we couldn't find the information in the pages 5/16/09 was documented. The unknown words were deciphered and now ready to be written down.







We are unable to understand why those words were written without any connection to the other things. The words are repetitive and we learned why.

Read all of the beginning letters in those cryptic messages and you'll see that it says HELP ME. We don't know who Massie and Joseph are, but the girl never mentioned Massie and always said Maddy. Maddy is most likely a nickname for her. Anyways, we haven't read anything else the girl wrote. Well, she never wrote anything else. The therapist was given surgery after Aries started to claw his chest. She blamed it on someone named Carl. The therapist was found under the covers in his bed dead a few days after the surgery for an unknown reason. The girl is in the bed being given pain killers. Her hand has been twitching and scratching here arm and drawing blood. We hope that everybody turns out to be ok. This is an insane experience and we wish that this will stop. Really, help us. Also, my name is Vincent, I'm a doctor.