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"Hey, Luna! I bet you wouldn't go in there!" A girl yelled from the front gates of the old French mansion. A group of American teenagers running wild in the streets of Marseille. Great idea, right? Not particularly. We heard the stories of the ancient house and the ghosts that supposedly lived there. We'd seen the tv shows, it couldn't be that hard to track down a hundreds of years old ghost.

I turned to see the girl- Abree, a girl that had come along with the group from school that I'd never liked. I smirked. She thought I'd be a pansy and not go in. I wasn't like the rest of them. It may be a joke to them but I wanted to know if anything existed in between the old cobwebs and frail lumber. "I would, Abree. You watch."

I pushed the old iron gate open. It was twilight, so it wasn't all that bad- not dark, no huge shining moon, no lightning streaking the skies. Still, as it wasn't daylight, there was an air of horror surrounding the manor.

Suddenly my brother grabbed my arm, his long blonde hair falling in his eyes. "Luna, you don't have to. It's trespassing anyway. You don't have to prove anything."

"I'm going, Luka. I don't care." I smiled and my twin smiled at me.

He looked around at the group of kids that refused to go in, "I'm going with you."

I looked around at the group and saw that none of them had the intention of going a step inside the mansion. "Fine, Luka and me go. If we come out without seeing a sign of a ghost, each of you owe us fifty bucks."

Most agreed, but that brought two others with us; Luka's best friend Mikah and his girlfriend, Juliet. We all four proceeded to turn and go into the manor, the large oak door falling to a shut behind us.

It was dark inside the house- and musty. Floors were falling through but we could all still walk through. The foyer of the home had one huge curving staircase into the dark upstairs. There were two archways on either side, one leading to the kitchen, the other to the parler. "Which way?"

"Let's start with the kitchen!" Juliet squealed, her arms wrapping around Mikah's large arm. Mikah, unlike Luka, was very large and bulky, mostly from muscle. Luka was skinny as a bean pole and made me look like an overstuffed sausage.

I lightly stepped over the rotting boards and slipped into the spacious kitchen. There were lanterns hanging from the walls and a small pot in the fireplaces. Plants curled in from the small window. I slipped in quickly and twirled around, giggling, practically dancing. "It's not that scary is it?"

Luka smiled and looked around curiously. He'd always been a fan of architecture and I could see the awe in his face as he looked at the scroll work interested. Mikah chuckled and put his hands on the counters, smiling softly. Juliet watched from the archway, her eyes dark as she looked around the rooms.

I giggled, "I doubt a French ghost would even be scary!" I twirled around, smiling at Luka. "Bonjour, madame!" I spoke with a fake accent, my eyes on Mikah's.

"Monsieur, Luna. I am masculine." He was smiling so I knew my mistake hadn't really irritated him.

A loud crash came from above and everyone twirled around, their eyes on the ceiling. MIne twirled over the cracks and waited for another sound. Luka had jumped, not expecting a sound, broken out of his reverie of architecture. MIkah had grabbed Juliet's hand, scared something would happen. When no more sounds came, we all relaxed.

"Let's go check it out." I said, turning to rest my eyes on the others. Juliet shook her head.

"No. I think I'm leaving Luna. I know it's extremely childish but I can't do this." She kissed Mikah's hand and ran off into the foyer.

Lukah's voice came from across the room from the archway, "A servant's staircase!" He laughed softly and ran up. MIkah followed closely behind.

"Hey, Luna! There's blood on the walls! Scared?" His booming laugh echoed up the stares.

I shook my head and ran up the stairs after the boys. I slipped up and found myself to be in a long hallway. "Oooh, maybe we'll see a ghost!" I laughed, as I followed them farther into the home. We slipped into what seemed to be the master bedroom. I smiled softly and looked around at the crumbling mass of bricks and wallpaper.

That's when we heard it. The soft musical voice from farther down the hall.

"Alouette, gentille alouette. Alouette, je te plumerai..."

My eyes flitted over to Luka's. The voice wasn't anyone from our groups. It was... masculine... but feminine. It seemed to come from far away and extremely close at the same time. It seemed to twirl around the three of us then slip away easily.

MIkah moaned and took a step forward. And another step. He seemed to be off in another world as the singing continued. His eyes were cloudy and the song seemed to have entranced him. It seemed to call to us, one soft siren-like note after another.

"Je te plumerai la tete, je te plumerai la tete, et la tete, et la tete..."

The singing was closer and with it there were footsteps. Soft soft footsteps. Mikah continued forward. One step. Another. Another. He was at the door and his hand touched the doorjam, slipping up until he slipped through and disappeared into the dark hallway.

"Alouette, gentille alouette. Alouette, je... te... plumerai!"

A sudden scream filled the air, low and gutteral- Mikah. I gasped and ran into the hall to find Mikah lying on the ground, his scalp torn off, with every hair lying around him. Blood pooled around him I heard a distant screaming, too late finding out it was my own voice. Luka took me in his arms and stroked my cheek. "Luna... Luna..."

"Je te plumerai le bec, je te plumerai le bec, et le bec, et le bec..."

The song continued but was from farther down the hall. I sobbed and Luka grabbed my shoulders. "We have to get out of her, before we both die. We will be able to get out of here." He grabbed my wrist and pulled me away, down the servants stairs and into the kitchen.

"Allouette, gentille alouette. Alouette, je te plumerai!"

The voice again echoed through the dark room. I turned and skittered to the archway that led to the foyer, only to find myself against a warm body. I looked up to see Juliet's face, covered in blood. Her mouth had been ripped off, leaving fragments dripping with blood. Bright white teeth shone from the skull and her tongue fell onto her chin. Her eyes were cold and dead as she seemed to watch me, even in death. I screamed again and fell back, feeling her blood on my hands from when I'd touched her bloody blouse. I pushed past her body, hoping to get the sight from my eyes and fell into the entry hall.

"Je te plumerai le cou, je te plumerai le cou, et le cou, et le cou..."

I turned to try and find Luka, only to notice he hadn't followed me from the kitchen. I stood up shakily and went to the end of the hall to find a door that led to a servant's passageway. It would run the length of the house as nobody had wanted to see the servants- I could get into the kitchen and find Luka. Then we had to get out of there.

I slipped into the thin decaying hallway then took tentative steps forward, towards the door at the end of the hall, leading to the kitchen. I touched my hand to the door, slipping down, down to touch the doorknob.

"Allouette, gentille alouette. Alouette, je te plumerai."

The voice sang from just on the other side of the door. It was soft, gentle. Very masculine, however. I could hear soft breaths that were slow and deep compared to my quick and shallow ones. There was no mistaking it, it wasn't a ghost.

After a while of silence, interuptted only by breaths, he slipped away from the door. Soft footsteps receded and I slowly began to push the door open, my heart beating quickly in my chest, the blood pounding in my ears. I had to know what happened to Luka, even if it killed me. I looked around the room and gasped at the mess in front of me.

The room was sprayed with blood. In the middle was a body on the island counter. The body was covered with blood and long slashes which, though cutting his clothes, did not seem to mar the body. I found myself beside the body and began an overview of the body. No wounds appeared on the body until you got to the neck, where the skin was ravaged and dark sticky fluid pooled onto the counter below.

My head began to pound as my vision cleared, showing the empty neck, the throat having been torn out. I couldn't leav the body but even before continuing to the face, I knew I'd lost my twin.

My eyes met his, mine tearing and his dead, staring up at the ceiling in a look of everlasting pain and horror. His mouth was open in surprise. I'd heard once that everyone looked calm in death. Whoever that person was, they'd never seen a true murder before all the grisly details were cleaned away. I gasped and turned, running back through the hallway. As I ran, the voice followed me. It seemed like a siren's voice, calling me closer, closer. I couldn't go closer.

"Je te plumerai l'ailler, je te plumerai l'ailler, et l'ailler, et l'ailler..."

I had to get out. I left the servant's passage and started to go for the doors. I ran to them, grabbing the large door handles and pulling. They wouldn't budge. I could hear the footsteps `behind me. Laughing followed and I could hear the soft whistling of a knife or a sword.

"Alouette, gentille alouette... Alouette, je te plumerai."

Suddenly I felt to large hands grip my upper arms and it felt like I was being torn in half. I guess I screamed but really I couldn't tell at that particular moment. Let's say, I screamed. I felt hot, sticky blood fall down my sides, quick, quick. My gaze flickered as I lost more and more blood.

The pain was excruciating. As I looked down, I saw that both my arms were gone, in their place nothing but bits and pieces of skin that had remained loyal to their former owner. I fell to my knees in surprise but the voice just continued on.

"Je te plumerai la dos, je te plumerai la dos, et la dos, et la dos..."

I sobbed softly and put my head against the door, watching the floor as my vision flickered, flickered, going dimmer and dimmer. I began to lose the ability to think, soon with it, all would be gone.

"Alouette, gentille alouette..."

I turned to see my assailant, shaking, starting to sob softly, leaning against the door and sitting there. I looked up at him to see a very tall man with long black hair and red eyes. His skin was pale white. He was grotesque and yet beautiful at the same time. He bent down, a long sword in his hand. He was dressed in a suit, all black. Not a hair was misplace.

His hand reached up and touched my chin. It was gloved and silken. He smiled cruelly and his teeth were sharp. His voice was soft as he sang;

"Alouette, je te..."

He pulled me a bit closer and I felt sweat slip down my face, plastering my clothes to my skin. I was trying to get away but he was so strong and I couldn't move but an inch. His eyes swam with colors- they weren't just red as I had thought before.

He raised his right hand (which wasn't holding my chin) and bit the end of the glove. He pulled and the glove slowly slipped off. He had long fingernails which were long and cold.


His long fingernails plunged into my chest and I gasped, feeling painful bile slowly inch its way up my throating, stinging everything in its path. I felt a small pain in my back and then he pulled as hard as he could, pulling my spine out throught the hole in my chest. The pain heightened, higher, higher, and then everything went black.

The man stood and shook his hand, the blood slowly slipping off his hand. He slipped the white glove back on and let go of the small girl. He smiled and turned, the sword swinging lightly in his hand as he receded into the darkness.

"Alouette, gentille Alouette... Alouette, je te plumerai."

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