"I like you," Amerlia blurted out as she stood in front her crush of three years, Nathin. She shut her eyes tight not quite believing she had
just came out and said it like that! As she beat herself up about how absolutely stupid she was, Nathin looked at her surprised before blushing and looking
"Uh, I'm sorry, but I-" he started to say looking bashful and embarrassed. He didn't want to hurt her feelings or anything, but he thought of her
as a sister and didn't want to mess that up. Amelia, however, was still obviously hurt even before he finished his thought. She had already knew how he
felt about her, but she couldn't keep seeing him everyday and not being able to get this awful suppressed feelings inside. She was going to explode if she kept
it in any longer! But she didn't know it would still hurt so much to be rejected.
"It's okay!" she quickly cut him off,"Lets just pretend I never said that, okay?" she said before running over to her best friend, Lin, who she
knew was straining in to eavesdrop on them and dragged her off in the opposite direction than Nathin. Ignoring the questions of her concerned friend, Amelia ran all
the way to back to her room at her house.
"Amelia! What happened!"
"I said I liked him and he rejected me, okay?!" she yelled falling onto her bed. Lin stood there processing what she was told. She had always been
a little slow. Then, she got a spark in her eye that Amelia was confused to see because after knowing Lin for so long she learned that spark meant Lin was up to something again.
"What are you planning?" she asked suspiciously picking up one of her pillows and pressing her face into it. Lin was electric now. She only shh'd
her and pulled out her pink cellphone from her back pocket. Quickly she dialed in Nathin's number making sure to block her number, so he wouldn't be able
to see who was calling. Amelia got up from her place on the bed to stand next to her friend as the phone rung on speaker phone.
"What-" Amelia asked again. This time Lin responded by covering Amelia's mouth. Soon the phone picked up and a distinct male voice asked who it was.
Amelia had no doubt it was Nathin, and her heart felt like it was stabbed just by hearing that perfect voice again.
"Hello?" They both heard the phone in Lin's hand asked again. They both were eerily quiet expect Lin's exaggerated breathing on the pulled
together all the years of acting classes her mother had forced her to do since she was ten. Finally, she pulled off one of the creepiest dead sounding
voices she has every brought out to say the next thing into the phone.
"Seven days." and Lin quickly shut the phone, ending the call. She knew one of the scariest of movies to Nathin was, The Ring, and his worst fear was getting a phone call like this one. Neither Lin or Amelia could keep the evil smirk off their faces as they pictured Nathin freaking out.
Amelia was feeling a bunch better after her friend's attempt to cheer her up. She knew Nathin didn't deserve that, but she was a heartbroken
teenage girl who needed to get over him. Better this than ending up stalking him for his life.
After the two friends finished laughing their butts off and calming down, Amelia looked at Lin with a goofy grin on her face. All traces of the sadness that was there just a bit before were no where to see now.
"You know, know that your my best friend, right?" she said.
"And you're my AWESOME best friend!" Lin exclaimed hugging Amelia tightly.

When Guys reject you
Friends will say he missed out while
Best Friends call them later at night saying "7 days."