Well, this is just great. I'm in the hospital thanks to a thirteen year old girl. Her name is Eliana Lawson, and I picked her up in my taxi last night at 4:00 Am. It's really an odd story, but here goes.

"Drew, there's a call for you. North and 25th. " I nodded, and hung up my taxi driver's radio. Time to hit the only paved road of Scottsdale, Montana. As I drove there, I noticed a bunch of odd things- owls lined up on the side of the road, rabbits hopping about, and snakes with what looked like gems embedded in their tails. Once at the corner of North and 25th, I opened my cab door to reveal a tall, slim girl who looked to be about 13.

"Hello. My name is Eliana Lawson." I nodded. Eliana got in. "See that Mexican restaurant across the street?" I nodded again. "In about five minutes, a man is going to leave. I want you to follow him." Well, whatever. I was getting money. After all, I'd had stranger requests, like chasing after a farmers horse, or- whatever. Five minutes passed. Sure enough, a man came out of the restaurant. He was carrying something that resembled a shotgun. Apparently, Eliana sensed my fear.

"Don't worry. All that's in there is air." She reassured me. I sighed in relief. The man was getting into a car- a red Mustang, by the looks of it. As the car pulled out of the lot, I revved the taxi, ready to follow him.

"So tell me, kid. Who is this man?" I asked, curious.

"My enemy. He has something important of mine,"

"You're chasing him because o' a rabbit or something?" I yelped.

"No. I'm chasing because he's a drunk and in that gun are several important files." I blinked. Chasing a drunken man was not a good idea.

30 minutes later…

Once out of the city, Eliana told me to get out of the driver's seat so that she could drive.

"No, kid! You're only fourteen!"

"I'm thirteen!" She screamed. "And I'm a covert operator for the FBI!" I stared at Eliana as she showed me a license. It seemed legit. I climbed into the backseat. She got behind the wheel. The following was now a chase. Eliana pulled up next to the Mustang, and rolled down her window. The man's eyes widened.

"Give me the files, Titus!" She yelled into his window. The man snarled.

"No! You're nothing but a thirteen year old ballerina! Bug off, Lawson!" He jeered.

With a scream of rage, Eliana drove my precious taxi into the side of the shiny red Mustang. In two quick, fluid movements, she grabbed the gun and me, and got out of the car as fast as she could, dumping me unceremoniously on the road.

"Stand up, mister!" She hissed. "The car will explode soon!" That got me moving-I raced down the dirt highway, Eliana close behind me. If I looked back, I could tell that she had the gun. We stopped once we got back in town. Eliana looked up at me, eyes full of tears.

"Listen, mister, I'm real sorry about your taxi." She informed me, lower lip trembling. "Sorry, mister. What's your name?"


"Drew what?" Her eyebrows crinkled.

"Drew nothing. I don't got a last name," I replied- even in the first grade I didn't have a last name.

"Oh. Well, we need to get to a hospital," she remarked.

"Why? Are you hurt?"

"No. You're covered in cuts, and that cut on your head has a ton of glass," she chuckled. The last thing I remembered was her opening the gun barrel with a pocketknife.

Nobody's point of view

As Drew wakes up from his former stupor, you realize something- Eliana isn't there. A nurse sticks her head through the door, takes Drew's vitals, and leaves an envelope and a package on the table. Drew's eyes flutter open. You watch as he gulps some water, and two second later, he groans and picks up the envelope, opening it with trembling hands. You watch as his eyes scan the paper, and he gives a loud gasp. He opens the package, and three keys tumble out. You glance out the window, following his gaze. There is Drew's taxi, renovated from Eliana's joyride and crash. Looking back at Drew, you see his eyes glistening with tears.

"Good luck, Eliana Lawson." Drew breathes, smiling faintly.