The Earth…Moves

The Winds…Gust

Waves break the levees

Cast asunder as if by Posiedon Himself

These things are natural disasters. They come and go at their own will.

Nature at its own beck and call, but nothing was spoken of you.

You are not natural nor are you man made.

You possess an evil within you that few can fathom.

Yu draw people in and extinguish their life force without so much as a care.

You, My Dear, are the Devil's Snare.

I wanted to hate you, believe me I did.

Only After the Pain

Could I have found something that made it all…


So while you may have hurt me,

I say not through forked tongue,

"Thank you for driving me away,"

As Patrick did the Snakes of Ireland…

You thought you destroyed me

But in the end,

I found something more powerful than you could ever imagine.