*Thanks for joining me on my first writing project! Given my current "single" status, I had to experience a lot of emotions I haven't tried yet, so that's probably why some of these will be sucky. Sorry if I offended anyone!

*I made this kind of poem for my English class because we're studying Romeo and Juliet. If you would like to learn more about this kind of poetry, please leave a review and I can probably get a little workshop thingy going if I get five asking about it. Or, you can just PM me. :-)

* This is possibly the last poem I will put in this collection, the reason being that Valentine's Day has passed. I am going to "clean" up the title and the summary to make it more interesting and not as "blah," so if I do post more on here and/or you go looking for this again, it will be under an unfamiliar title. Thought I should warn you.


Love, something simple I have not tried yet
The kind that leaves you exhilarated
Worthy of Romeo and Juliet
Yet not just completely overrated
Without motherly hugs and daddy jokes
None of friend's laughter or sibling's jabs
One from a real, down-to-earth kind of bloke
Who really is not just "up for the grabs"
Someone straight from most romance comedies
Will follow vow "Until death do we part"
Maybe person lurking in dark allies
Truly someone with good-intentioned heart

Will be a while before heart flutters for another
But will always be open for other