I once was a creature born of hellfire and brimstone; a creature all hard scale and horn, bad temperament and impulsive need to kill; a demon if you will. Then a child was born, and he thought it to be a grand joke to tell his father I was unneeded. Forget Lucifer, I made God's father what he was. I tore down empires for Him and burned fields, destroyed lives and accepted that I was never to be thanked. The child had me banished. I was thrown to Earth and left in my own Purgatory. A demon, which had run Heaven through an oblivious God, stripped in a universe that existed before the one people now know. I had seen eons wax and wane, had watched creatures far superior to humans battle for the right to exist and fail, had watched the incredible death of a failed universe and the consequential death of a God only to have my power stripped from my being by a mere child. And then the brutal rise of a new God, with new rules and a new book he called the Bible.

I was stripped of my scales, my wings; all of it. All that I was left was an eternity to rot with walking bags of flesh that I had once slain with barely a notion of thought. I was shelled from my being and placed in the soft, weak body of a human. A handsome man, though I never thought it, but there was always a graced look of need and the scent of wanting fuming from people near me. A demon dropped in the body of an angel. Oh the irony is great and stinging, let it be known now.

I became the reason people feared the dark; I snatched children from the shadows, and still God created more. It became a game between us; Good vs. Evil. Then, I let it go. As the world around me evolved, blossoming and blooming because of their need to believe, I sat still and watched. Religion took root and caused blood to flow freely between humans in a constant need to prove themselves to their God. They did my old job for me, or for any being that had replaced me. When destruction slowed, I prodded it along. I was the reason the Crusades began and the fight for Jerusalem, why the Black Hand killed Francis Ferdinand and why Kaiser Wilhelm brought about WWI.

Where people suffered, I lurked and when it grew too much and they were close to being crushed beneath their fear and anguish, when they had lost their faith…I came to them. I shushed them tenderly and saved them, told them I was Faithe…and as I walked away, I sucked their lives from their bodies. I forced the vessels to burst and blood to course freely down their faces.

After a few centuries of playing with God's own puppets, of turning some of them against him, I decided I would read his rules. The Bible was filled with thoughts I had told his father, in confidentiality, and his father had probably told him on his deathbed. These were the rules I had suggested for the perfect society. It made my blood boil…and God paid a price. I killed the native people of Jerusalem through Hitler. I spoke to him in public places and urged him that Jews and others would wipe out "our" country. I gave birth to WWII.

Then, I no longer had to try. I had planted the seed, and the world was to fail. Just as in every human there is the ability to fail, so is that ability in every Saint, Angel, God or universe that a god may create. My work is done, and no longer do I have to plant the question of God in their head. It all comes down to me. As it should, I designed all worlds before this one, and brought about their ends. So why should I not end this one?

I am the being behind all humans.

And I am the being behind all saints.

Angels hide me behind vast wings.

And Demons hide me behind leering smiles.

I am the being behind the Lord, Jesus Christ.

And God hides me behind his Bible.

The truth of religion courses from my veins and into yours.

My name is Faithe.