This isn't your average faerie tale; don't read this thinking it is. There are no happy endings, there is no prince, there is no princess. This is simply a love story as old as time itself, full of heartbreak that goes on and on. And will continue to do so until the reaches of time close in and everything ceases to be. That's just how it is. This is the story of how the Gods decided to separate two lovers as old as the universe itself, the story of the sun and the moon.

When the Gods first created the Heavens and the Earth, They gave birth to two orbs of light. One orb as lively as the new universe itself, and the other as shy as the clouds. The Gods placed them at opposite ends of the horizon, but forgot to the tether them to the Earth. When the sun first felt the calming rays of the moon's touch, it burned brighter than ever. The moon shied away, cautious of the vibrant globe of bright light. Back then, there was no such thing as night and day, dark and light. Part of the world was cast in the warm glow of the sun, and the land was baked and full of short bushes and straggling flowers. The other part of the world was bathed in the gentle light of the moon; the land was full of tall trees and beautiful flowers.

The sun eased towards the moon, and the moon circled around. The land felt different light, and the ground erupted in foliage. Trees and flowers bloomed all over and there were no dirt patches. For quite some time, the two bodies of light waltzed around the Heavens, dancing among the dark fabric of space dotted with swirls of colourful gas and planets. The Gods could not sleep, even though They were exhausted from having created these tiny worlds and their orbs of light. So They forced the sun and moon back to their opposite sides. Told them to stay at their respective ends of the horizon, to allow Them some sleep. The light sources listened, and stayed still...for a while.

To appease its heart, the sun grew the moon flowers. Beautiful flowers of vibrant colours, and every shape. And the moon in turn grew trees, arching trees that swept and danced even when there was no breeze. Eventually, the love of the sun and the moon grew to be too much, and not even the orders of the Gods could keep them apart. They glided towards one another and once again bathed the world in the light of their love. Vibrant, yet soft light swirled through the clouds as they danced with one another, through the dark expanses of space.

The Gods grew very angry, irate that the globes of light They had created dared defy Them. So They decided to create night and day, to forever solve the problem of too much light. They would separate the lovers and leave the world in partial day, and partial night.

When first the sun became aware, it burned harsh and violent. Silently screaming for its love. The moon was trapped beneath the Earth, tethered on the other side by the Gods. As the day continued, the sun grew sadder and sadder. Its light began to wane, and it ripped its body open to allow the gases inside to dissipate. The gases turned its fading light red and pink, turning the death of the sun into something beautiful. The sun's suicide for its love lost coated the Earth in its rays of blood; the rays of fading light dripped over the edges of the world and touched the moon, which rose slowly, having to turn the world with it.

As the moon rose, in hopes of finding its love, it was met only with the darkness of night. So the moon cried, wept all night. Its tears were caught in the dark fabric of space, spun around and around with little bits of light caught within and so the stars were created. Tears filled with pain and loneliness that the moon wept for its lost love. Though it loved the sun as much as the sun loved it, the moon could not kill itself. Instead, it just faded away.
Every day, the sun was birthed again. It rose from the shimmering pools of its dying rays and glowed violent and harsh, screaming for its love. And every day, as the day wore on, the sun fell into depression. It grew listless and only called where it had once screamed. Every day, at dusk, the sun ripped its belly open and allowed all the blood of gases and light to flow from within and bath the Earth in final rays of light. So faded and washed out, that only the strongest reminders of their love touched the moon. And though the sun stayed longer every day, it never stayed long enough to see its love.

And every night, the moon felt the love of the sun and rose, turning with it the heavy world. The moon would weep, seeing nothing but the empty sky where its love once lay, now lost beyond the horizon. And tears would fall, warp the fabric of space and be caught there, simmering tears that glowed deep and bright, full of pain. Everything the moon ever loved, lost meaning. The flowers all closed up with its rising, and the trees' dance became somber and woeful. Slowly, the moon began to melt away. Waning and waning until there was nothing left.

Sometimes, the Gods feel the sorrow of the sun and the moon, and They take pity upon the poor globes of light. The skinny starved moon hasn't the energy to fall, and as the sun rises, it rushes to its love's side. And the world is once again bathed in the love of the sources of light, a pure light that kisses shadows away so gently. As the world begins to turn and drag the moon with it, the sun's suicide is even more beautiful this day. Full of rays of vibrant colours, proclaiming to the moon its love. And the lost love and blood of the sun coats the moon, wraps around it and turns it a pinkish orange that it sucks in, holds until the next night that it must be alone.

When the moon rises, full of hope and promise, only to be met with emptiness, it begins again to fade away. And the sun always rises and screams with harsh light as the moon is absent from its sky. And the cycle continues on, with only a few days to themselves. In which the lovers as old as the universe, as ancient as time, may be together. Joined for a single partial day. They waltz together, enwrapping each other in their love, surrounding the Earth in a love so complete that not even the Gods dare keep it apart forever. But all good things come to an end, and the faerie tale for a day becomes a nightmare for a month.

That is why the sunset is so violent, the sun killing itself for its lost love. That is why the moon simply fades away, too tired to draw in energy and just wanes and wanes. But when the Gods feel generous, and allow the two orbs of fading light to join once more, the day seems brighter. More perfect and whole in all its imperfections. The glow of love consumes us all, and the pulse within our bodies thrums with the music to which the sun and the moon waltz. In a love as old as time itself, that people have watched since the beginning was born, and will continue to see until the end has fallen.

Love knows no boundaries, and sees no limitations. And not even the endless sky may keep it apart. For if the love is pure and strong, not even the Gods may stop it from growing. It may wane but it will always wax. It may cause pain and death, but it shows love and birth. When it comes down to forever, to the endless stretch of eternity...all you have is love.