This actually happened yesterday when I reached out to a "good" friend of mine for help with my depression and bipolar disorder. These are just my most recent thoughts about the situation and her in general.

You trick me with your smile. You deceive me with your kind words. Little did I know that I was an annoyance to you. I was a fly buzzing around your head that you just wanted to swat. I thought you loved me like a sister and would do anything to see me smile. We've been friends since we were toddlers and over that period of time you've gain my trust and became one of the only one to keep it! I loved you like a sister! But then again, you potentiality ruined my life. You let me meet the boyfriend and the friends that would end up destroying my heart, causing me to go in a downward spiral. I thought I could turn to you when I needed help and comfort. I wanted to tell you about my depression, my friends abandoning me, my bipolar disorder, my fall into silence, even my suicidal thoughts. And the one time time I reach out to you from help, you tell me to get over it and suck it up. Then you go and say that I made you annoyed and angry.

You know, I thought you would actually help me. I thought you would tell it will all be fine in the end and you would give me some hope of a light at the end of the tunnel. But apparently that wasn't the case. My opinion of you has totally changed from what I used to think of you. I think you're a total bitch with no sense of empathy or sympathy for others. You were one of the three people that should me that there was till good in the world outside of my family. Since you and the other person left me in the dust, I going to hold onto my last person and protect her from the ugliest parts of this world. I'll make sure if anyone hurts her, they'll feel a world of hurt courtesy of yours truly. I make sure she always has a big smile across her face which is more than you've ever done for me.

I'm not going to make you feel sorry for losing me. I'll let you fall into guilt on your own, without my blackmailing or dirty words since I'm not that type of person. You are the reason I don't talk about my problems with other people. People like you make me feel guilty for feeling this way and you make me feel selfish for only thinking about myself and my health. I'll leave you alone to live your sad, pathetic life and when you want to come back to me and when you want to someone else about your problems and they do the same exact thing you did, I hope feel this way as well. But if you come to me for help, I just want to let you know that I'll listen and try to help for old time sake. You may be a monster with no emotions, but we were friends in the past and I can't forget that. I'll listen , but after that I'll go silent. You'll never hear form me again as long as you live. Goodbye my little monster. I'll miss you for a little bit, but then I'll move on and totally forget about you. Have a long, but empty and sad life.

Thanks for reading this and if you're going through any issues, feel free to message me because I'll listen to any problem. I won't leave anyone abandoned since I know how crappy it is to do that to someone that needs your help. And if you just want to talk, feel free to message me. I'll listen to anyone.