There were two giants annoying insects by raising their feet and trying to stomp on them. Surpriseingly the insects turned the tables and grew larger than the giants. They stung the giants in defense.

There was this fancy dinner party, with a number of rich guests attending. Yet I was the servant this night, yet I could only stay in the kitchen. I was ordered to feed these two invisable cats. Somhow, with the awesome power of non reality I knew they were large cats. Then a man in black stepped into the kitchen and acted cruely to the cats. Suddenly the cats reliquished their invisability and attacked their offender. At that moment I saw they were black panthers, one male and the other female.

A group of people were staring at graves of humans and other animals. Then I was in museum or library, where a lion pair were standing by an exihbit. As suddenly as I was there I took a ride on a giant jellyfish outside.

I took a journey around a strange world to find the truth. There was a floating town on water, and everything was changing sizes.

I was eavsdropping during a live recording of a TV news program. I feared the boss man would discover me. The show stared live then and there. But suddenly the wall hiding my location shrunk, and I was left exposed. I stood up and talked to someone and then poof! I was present at a party. I met strange poeple fought min battles on the floor. I left later and travled to the country side. The shapes of houses were vivid on the hills. Suddenly I was chasing a person, trying to prove to them I had power. We ran across stones floating in water. The chase ended as we both exited an escalator, with a crowd of people around us.