No words could describe what it felt like to fly.

She closed her eyes, her fluttering heart desperate to find ground under her feet. The wind rushed past her ears, but not enough to block out the cries of terror as she flew above the city.

She even spread her arms, holding them out straight. She opened her eyes, refusing to look down, but instead straight ahead at the buildings flying past.

She wondered, as she flew, what the people were thinking below. They're curious, she thought knowingly. They're always curious.

As she grew closer, the screams grew louder and she closed her eyes again. This is it, she thought with finality—the same thought she'd thought at the top of that rooftop.

"Somebody do something!" a woman cried from down below, sheer panic and horror in her voice.

"Call the police!" a man yelled, the same horror expressed in his voice.

She knew the time was coming to an end. And finally, she was able to say that in ten seconds, she'd be gone.

Ten. Police sirens sounded in the distance.

Nine. Her heart fluttered wildly in her chest, desperate to live.

Eight. She felt a twinge of regret that she quickly crushed.

Seven. She reminded herself of all the people that wouldn't miss her.

Six. She waited for impact.

Five. She could hear more people below, screaming and panicking for her life.

Four. The sirens grew closer.

Three. "Suicide jumper!"