"So it's over?"

I pursed my lips, not wanting to tell him that it was true but knowing I had no choice. "Just leave," I said, my voice tired.

Even though I was facing the other way, I could hear his heart breaking in the silence. First the hope dwindled to nothing, and then it shattered, just like that.

"You can't mean that," he insisted, the denial heavy in his cracking voice.

"Leave," I commanded more strongly.

I could tell he still didn't get it. But somehow he made his weary bones move toward the door. The door closed with a final sound that resonated in my mind, and I knew that I would never—could never—forget that sound for the rest of my life.

The worst day of my life, I confirmed. At the start, I'd never imagined it ending like this.

But I had no choice, I reminded myself, trying to convince myself that what he did was unforgivable, and no one would have any choice but to let him go for doing that.

And while part of me was tricked, more than anything, I ached to rush out the door of my apartment and find him. Maybe I could, I found myself thinking. I could catch him if he hasn't gone outside yet.

No! I commanded myself to stop thinking hopeful thoughts. I'd said goodbye, and that was it. You don't go back on something like that. And he would never forgive me!

I sank down on my bed, confused. He'd cheated on me—he'd never take me back—he didn't love me. He loved her—some other girl I didn't even know the name of. You did all that you could, Kath, I told myself. And I hated the pit in my stomach, the one I'd have to live with for the rest of my life, relentlessly reminding me, You know that's not true.

Song Inspiration: "Up in Flames" by Coldplay :)