Alone, she's
just wading through

her peers.
Incessant screams and chatter,
like starving gulls.

Not belonging, not breathing,
not walking, just floating.

Just walking, with
chilled air-conditioned air
snapping at her lungs.
Carrying perfumes and colognes:
overpowering, overbearing.

What of the brine,
the sand?
What of the sea?

Hollow eyes, endless.
Dark depths, moist with
salt waves,

tiny seas in
her passive face.
Ruthless, biting, frigid;
yet floating, comforting.
A presence like

the sea.
She cranes her neck,
staring past the rows
of concrete and glass soldiers;
the walls of humanity.


You can taste,
touch, feel it.
Can you hear the waves?

Her teacher drones on,
meaningless words

breaking the waves

that fill her
Sliding through the
foam peaks to block out
her sea.
The bell is loud, alarming,
a foghorn bellowing

in the
shadows of

a foggy night.
Children swarm around
her, and she's floating
in aimless waves,
the bell rings again.

Torment, torture;

words are sharp rocks.
Head for open waters.

Alone, depressed, no
longer feeling.
Feeling nothing but
want, need.
The bus parking lot,
vast expanses of black
filled with great yellow
beasts, their bellies
filled with the

tender flesh
of children.

Routines should be
broken, changed.

Bus wheels hiss,

doors open

like gaping
jaws and the engine
She steps into the
mouth and takes a

No one ever

wants to sit

with the girl who
loves the sea.
Flashes of blue-green
waves and tawny beaches
past expanses of asphalt.


Waves to carry us

into forever.
Forever never waits.

The house is empty,
hunched, broken, on the
unkept and sandy hill.
Faded paint, broken windows.
Loose shingles, broken steps,
an empty shell of a
once loving place.


Close enough to smell.
Can you hear the call?

Her feet carry her,

Shoes crunching

along gravel paths
and bending

spiked beach grass.
The dark waves beckon,
calling her home.
Waving to her, like a
loving mother.
Shoes leave imprints in the
sand, grains following her
down to cover her trail.

The sea is calling.
Will you answer?

Shoes, then socks are left
to the embrace of the
shifting dunes and

press into the damp strand.
Hungry waves lap the

prints away,

showering kisses
upon her toes.
The land beneath her
is pulled away, and
the waves tug at her

Shall we frolic in
the waves?

Learn the meaning

of eternity?

Her movements are
sluggish, as though caught in
the siren's song.
Heavy denim drags at

her legs,

pulling her on like
an excited child.

Come, come. Let us go
to mother.

She will not
wait forever.

Jeans hang from her hips
and her shirt floats around
As she slinks lower, her
shirt rises from her skin,
allowing the sea to kiss
bare flesh.
She can feel the sea
breathe, the steady breath of
brine-scented air.
She breathes in the sea's
The gentle waves

lap at her chest,

the sea's heart beat,

and her heart slows
to match it.

Eternity lives.
Can you feel the pulse,
the push, the surge?

She sinks below the waves
and allows herself to
rise on her back.
Endless shades of blue
dappled with white and
sunlight flecks on the
waves like glitter.

Everything's eventual,
and the tide's so strong.
Go ahead and sink;

the sea will sing a lullaby.

Sun dapples on her
water speckled skin,
the wind whispers past,
warm and soothing.
Her hair thrives behind
her, under her like a
living beast.
Waves lap and pull

and she sinks.
Letting herself be pulled
under to settle on a reef.

The past, present and
future are laid before

your eyes.

Can you see into

Her eyes open, dark moist
depths home in the dark
Colourful rays break the
bubbling glass that is the
Light catching on the
scales of flitting fish
and she sees worlds past
in the rounded flashes of
iridescent scales.
Eyes like her own catch
and hold her gaze.

Welcome home,
welcome to the waves
of forever and a day.

Breath floats from her
awe-parted lips in tiny
chains of bubbles,
worlds of future days
thriving in their shiny,
clear surfaces.
The bubbles grow
smaller, and the strings
further apart.
Thoughts are fleeting now,
what could have been,
would have been.
This is what should
have been.

Wishes granted,
legs taken and fins replaced,
a life within the sea
where there is eternity, and
you can be free.

The current lifts her
legs and her oxygen-
deprived body shows
what she longs for,
what should have been.
Scales lace her legs,
and creep down to
flare in flukes, a long
green tail, with
glistening scales.
Dark spots grow and
swell behind her eyes.

The sea is a caring
mother, and she shall
grace the faithful
with scales and fins
so they will be
returned to her
loving embrace, forever.
To swim for all eternity,
in a place for those
gone long before their time
and disengaged of land.

The bubbles cease, their
strings are cut and the
darkness of eternity
floods her mind.