The lightning blasted the sky.

The thunder crashed against the factory walls,

Letting light into the blackness.

The conveyor belt…is dead.

The chaos that usurped my emotion was

Always settled by that yellow cake…

Full of frosting.

So familiar, so tasty.

But I awoke one day to that horrible news:

"Hostess, has gone bankrupt." My friend intoned, his widening eyes making the sentiment even more powerful.

"Whatever shall we do, I inquired, nervously.

"Someone make a Taco Bell Run," Steve suggested.

"But I need my Twinkies" I uttered, helpless.

"There will be time to mourn later. Try a Pudding pop instead." Replied Steve.

"Puff Puff Pass, you're screwing up the rotation." Engrossed Ian.

I came to the startling conclusion…

I need new friends.