The Meanest Mirror I've Ever Known

I have this old mirror and every time I look
it pays me no mind, reflects me but rooks.
It makes me feel worthless, it sighs when I see
my reflection it's reflecting looks nothing like me.

I smile when I use it but it doesn't smile back.
My eyes do not wink, my lips do not crack.
Inside this mirror my image is static.
I try to be a better person, but I'm simply automatic.

Do people ever change? Does it matter what they say?
Does religion change people when they sit down and pray?
Or are they trying hard to be someone unlike them?
They worship an entity that threatens to smite them.

Maybe they need a reason to be afraid and shaken
because the world judged them, their innocence was taken.
Maybe they need a distraction to be ignorant and focused
because life is unfair, and they deny that they know this.

My mirror is stubborn, no matter how much I move.
My twin doesn't listen, it becomes harder to prove.
Doppelgangers are evident, I'm scared and they chill me.
They watch me as I cry, and then tell me they'll kill me.

Do your mistakes go away if someone extols you?
Do they instead hide away, secrets that control you?
Do you heal when you hurt, or do you cover up wounds?
Are you injured when you die, or do you escape a cocoon?

It feels intense when you make an imprint in time
stained with shame, such heinous crimes
created by decisions which you cannot detract
and must live with each day, knowing the fact

you never could've known you were going to peer
into a mirror of doom, and yet it appeared.
I doubted myself, I needed satisfaction.
I looked in the mirror and I'm sorry for my actions.

But for those of you who don't understand my logic
this is regret, and for those of you that got it
it stares at you blankly, like a reflection in the mirror.
Your heart trembles madly but the regret never quivers.